Person NameDevlin; Bernadette (1947-); Member of Parliament 1969-1974, Northern Irish Political Activist
EpithetMember of Parliament 1969-1974, Northern Irish Political Activist
A44/1/2/3/4Letter to Bernadette Devlin from Martina Dowds
A44/1/2/3/3Letter to Bernadette Devlin from Lowenstein
A44/4/10/9/19Dear Kevin. . . I was shocked to hear about Bernadette.....
A44/1/10/1/8Farrell Vs. U.K. / Newry Civil Rights Association
A44/4/10/8Correspondence with Bernadette Devlin McAlliskey
G17/2/93/736Letter from Tomás Mac Anna
A44/1/2/3/16Letter to Kevin Boyle from Wolf Schenke
A44/1/2/2/2Letter from [Kevin Boyle] to Bernadette Devlin
A44/1/2/2/9Letter from Gerald Griffin to Michael Farrell
A44/1/1/2/5Communication to NICRA Members
A44/1/2/2/1Letter to Bernadette Devlin
A44/1/2/2/7Letter from Richard W. Streb to [People's Democracy]
A44/1/2/4/6The Evils of the Vanguard and Authoritarian Elite - A Warning to the PD
A44Professor Kevin Boyle papers
A44/1/2/2/8Letter from New Zealand Association for Friendship with Irish Workers to Bernadette Devlin
A44/1/2/3/1Letter from Bernadette Devlin to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/2/3/9Letter to Kevin Boyle from Lars Viklund
A44/1/2/3/15Letter from [David Darfmon] to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/4/1Press cuttings
A44/6/22/11986 Correspondence
POL35/3/34Printed pamphlet 'What happened in Derry', by Éamonn McCann
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