Person NameBoyle; Kevin (1943-2010); Human Rights activist, barrister, lecturer.
EpithetHuman Rights activist, barrister, lecturer.
A44/1/1/3/3/5Letter to Kevin Boyle from C.S.J
A44/1/1/3/4/9Letter from Terrance G. Carroll to Kevin Boyle
A44/6/22/31988 Correspondence
A44/1/1/6/2/11Estimates of Expenses
A44/1/1/6/2/14Letter from Edmond McGovern to Kevin Boyle
A44/25/16/2Membership - Kevin Boyle
A44/1/1/6/2/1Letter from Sean McBride to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/10/1/2Research notes by Kevin Boyle
A44/4/5/2/10Kevin Boyle with Graduate
A44/4/1Student at St. Colman's Abbey primary school, Newry, Co. Down.
A44/1/1/1/7Notice of committee position to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/2/7Letter from David Norris to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/1/6/2/5Letter from Frank Newman to Hurst Hannum
A44/1/2/3/8Letter from Dr. Conn McCluskey to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/2/3/6Letter from Kevin Boyle to Dublin Housing Action Committee
A44/1/6/7/1Legal Controls on Terrorism
A44/1/1/3/4/1Letter to Kevin Boyle from Mrs. A. Fitzsimons (Toal)
A44/1/1/3/3/1Letter to Kevin Boyle Re. 'Donegal Street Slaughter'
A44/1/1/3/3/3Note to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/1/3/3/2Letters from P.J. McClean to Michael [ ]
A44/4/5/2/20Student Party, University of Essex
A44/1/2/3/11Letter from Kevin Boyle from Bob [ ]
A44/1/1/6/2/28Letter from Moller to Boyle
A44/1/1/6/2/31Note to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/2/4/2Mainfesto of People's Democracy
A44/1/5/1/3Letter from International Association of Democratic Lawyers
A44/1/1/3/4/11Letter to Kevin Boyle from Dan [ ]
A44/5/9/1/6/3Email from Lindy Melman to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/4/5/2/26Launch of book by M. Robinson
A44/1/1/3/4/16Letters between Kevin Boyle and Mr. M Sibthorp.
A44/1/1/6/2/4Letter from Boyle and Hannum to H.E. Kurt Waldheim
A44/1/1/6/2/3Letter from Hurst Hannum to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/1/3/3/7Letter from U.C.D. Labour Party
A44/1/3/5Campaign for Social Justice in Northern Ireland
A44/20/27OHCHR and Freedom of Religious Belief
A44/1/5/4/11Press cuttings
A44/4/6Press Cuttings - Personal
A44/1/15/8/11983 - Correspondence
A44/1/2/3/19Letter from John Haslett to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/1/3Letter from [Peter] Glazebrook to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/40Letter from Kevin Boyle to Tony Oberschall
A44/6/24/4Freedom of Expression in Developing Countries
A44/5/5/1/2/24Letter from Dr. P Froggatt to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/1/6/2/32Letter to Kevin Boyle from [ ]
A44/1/6/9Supergrasses: The Use of Accomplice Evidence in Northern Ireland
A44/4/5/2/3Kevin Boyle
A44/4/5/2/25Kevin Boyle at Brazil Conference
A44/1/22/19International Conference on Human Rights in a Diverse and Divided Society
A44/1/1/6/2/37Letter from Kevin Boyle to Hurst Hannum
A44/1/1/6/2/38Letter from Hurst Hannum to Ad-Hoc Committee
A44/1/2/3/10Letter to Kevin Boyle from Joan [ ]
A44/1/2/3/21Letter to [Kevin Boyle] from Fergus O'Hare
A44/1/2/3/20Letter from Bob O'Hagan to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/9/1The Emergency Provisions Act, Prevention of Terrorism Act and other Legislation
A44/1/2/3/12[Circular letter to P.D. members]
A44/2/1/1/3Case Research by Kevin Boyle
A44/1/6/4Press and Flyers
A44/1/2/16Cameron Report
A44/4/5/2/11Kevin Boyle in Cairo
A44/1/22/10Anglo-Irish Encounter: Conference on the Role of the Churches in British-Irish Relationships
A44/1/12/1North Belfast S.D.L.P.
A44/1/7/2Research notes on Special Powers Act
A44/1/10/10/2/1Submissions from Human Rights Centre, University of Essex
A44/1/5/1/7Letter to New Statesman Magazine
A44/21/4/2Reports by Kevin Boyle
A44/1/1/6/2/17Letter from [Kevin Boyle] to Prof. Myres McDougal
A44/1/2/11Notes and Drafts
A44/4/5/2/13Kevin Boyle Headshot
A44/1/1/6/3Assorted Documents
A44/1/1/3/4/18Letter from Edwina Stewart to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/1/6/2/27Letter from Kevin Boyle to Frank Newman
A44/1/1/2/12Duty of NICRA members
A44/1/1/3/4/10Letter from Cabhair Uladh
A44/1/3/18Irish Council for Civil Liberties
A44/4/5/2/9Kevin Boyle called to Irish Bar
A44/5/5/1/2/25Letter from Kevin Boyle to the Editor of the Irish Times
A44/1/1/1/19[NI]CRA Constitution Sub-Committee
A44/28/5Abortion and the Protection of the Human Fetus: An International Perspective - Ireland
A44/1/5/1/1Letter from [M'Goli T. Delva] to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/1/2/7Press Release/Conference Notice
A44/1/5/4/6Widgery - A Critique
A44/1/5/1/10Letter from Department of Foreign Affairs
A44/1/10/2/10Regina Vs.John Noel Deery
A44/1/20/11The Honest Ulsterman
A44/5/3University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.
A44/4/10/9/20Letter to International League for Human Rights
A44/5/1/2/11967 - 1970
A44/1/5/4/10NICRA: Infiltration by O.I.R.A.
A44/1/5/4/3The Reliability of Witnessess
A44/1/2/12Press Cuttings
A44/1/10/2/1/2Case Research Documents
A44/1/15/2Studies prepared by Kevin Boyle and Desmond Greer
A44/1/10/1/1Statements on plastic bullet use
A44/1/8Diplock Report on Terrorist Activities, N.I.
A44/1/9Northern Ireland Emergency Provisions Act
A44/4/5/2/15Kevin Boyle at British Irish Association Conferences
A44/4/5/2/2Kevin Boyle as Alter Boy
A44/1/21/9/8/4Rights and Righteousness: Religious Pluralism and Human Rights
A44/1/10/4Press Cuttings
A44/8/17Lecture on Northern Ireland Constitution
A44/1/10/2/4Thomas McFeeley et al Vs. United Kingdom
A44/1/3/11Amnesty on Marching
A44/1/3/14Civil Liberties Conference
A44/1/17/3Minutes of Evidence of Boyle and Hadden
A44/5/1/1Appointment as Lecturer
A44/1/10/6/1Comment on Inquests in Deaths
A44/5/5/1/2/11Letter from Barry Shaw to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/1/3/4/4Letter to Kevin Boyle from Robert B. Hill
A44/1/10/2/11William Campbell
A44/5/5/1/2/32Letter from Kevin Boyle to A W. Gill
A44/5/5/1/3/8Letter from John Kelly to Kevin Boyle
A44/4/10/9/4Dear Hurst, please find a redraft of "One Step Forward. . ."
A44/1/21Human Rights
A44/4/10/9/21Letter from Hannum to Robert S. Bennett
A44/1/10/8Penal Reform and the Northern Ireland Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders
A44/1/1/3/5Undated Correspondence
A44/1/10/2/1Farrell Vs. United Kingdom
A44/1/3/15'Civil Liberties in Northern Ireland'
A44/4/5/2/12Kevin Boyle and Tom Hadden
A44/5/5/1/5/8Letter from Kevin Boyle to S. Houston Lay
A44/5/5/1/5/11Letter from Sheena Flynn to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/33Letter from Liam O'Dowd to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/1/3/4/2Letter from Tom Driberg, M.P. to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/9/3/1Letter from Tom Hadden to Sir George Baker
A44/5/5/1/3/11Letter from Mike Farrell to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/22/9Washington Conference
A44/1/1/3/4/5Letter to Kevin Boyle from Northern Ireland Freedom and Justice Campaign
A44/1/1/6/2/12Letter from Kevin Boyle to Dan Charles
A44/1/1/6/2/10Letter from Kevin Boyle to Jakob Moller
A44/5/5University College Galway
A44/1/1/6/2/13Letter from [Kevin Boyle to Seamus Naughton
A44/1/3/13Resettlement Association on Northern Ireland
A44/1/6/7/2The Closed Society - Complaints Mechanism and Disciplinary Proceedures in Prison
A44/5/5/1/1/4Letter from Dr. Colm O' hEocha to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/1Queen's University, Belfast
A44/1/22/14Law and Politcs
A44/1/1/2/8"Politics and Personalities, 1968 - 1970. . . "
A44/1/21/9/4/4Making a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland
A44/1/1/3/4/17Letter from Patricia Reidy to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/10/6Writings by Kevin Boyle
A44/1/22/22South African Human Rights Commission Conference
A44/1/12/2Talk by Kevin Boyle to S.D.L.P.
A44/1/10/2/8The Queen Vs Liam John Ferguson
A44/1/10/7/1Letter from Kevin Boyle to Inspector Meharg
A44/5/4/3/4/17Letter from Kevin Boyle to Richard Rose
A44/1/3/6National Council for Civil Liberties
A44/1/10/6/2Comment on Police and Army in Northern Ireland
A44/5/4/3/3Apr 1973 - May 1973
A44/1/11The 1981 Hunger Strikes
A44/1/2/10PD Press Releases and Statements
A44/1/1/3/4/8Letter from Campaign for Social Justice to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/15/8/21984 - Correspondence
A44/1/10/10/2Commission on Policing in Northern Ireland
A44/1/12/4Press cuttings
A44/1/20/10Assorted Pamphlets and Publications (6)
A44/1/14Correspondence with Peter Taylor
A44/5/5/1/4/17Telegram from [ ] to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/10/10/4Research notes by Kevin Boyle
A44/1/21/9/5The Powers of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
A44/1/21/10 /5Research Articles
A44/1/15/3/1Submission by Prof. Kevin Boyle and Dr. Tom Hadden
A44/1/15/3/4Submission by New Ireland Group
A44/1/15New Ireland Forum
A44/1/15/6Boyle TS Research and Drafts - New Ireland Forum
A44/1/15/7Boyle MS Research and Drafts - New Ireland Forum
A44/5/5/1/2/19Letter from Prof. A.W. Bradley to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/15/8/4Correspondence with Senator John Robb
A44/1/15/12Kilbrandon Report
A44/5/5/1/4/2Letter from Des Clarke to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/23/1Reports and Articles
A44/1/16/5MS Research notes on the Anglo-Irish Agreement
A44/1/16/6Press Cuttings
A44/1/16/2/2The Anglo-Irish Agreement: The Way Forward
A44/1/16/2Writings and Comment from Kevin Boyle and Others
A44/1/20/1Fortnight magazine
A44/1/21/10 /3Research and Correspondence - Bill of Rights, 1970s
A44/1/16/9Book by Boyle and Hadden
A44/1/22/3Postgraduate Seminar Series on Northern Ireland
A44/1/22/1/27States in Ireland: Power and Conflict
A44/1/22/2Justice in Northern Ireland: Perspectives on the Contemporary Status of Human Rights
A44/1/21/10 /1Submissions and Drafts - Bill of Rights
A44/1/10/1/10Research documents
A44/8/18Law and Its Administration in Northern Ireland
A44/1/1/3/4/7Letter to Kevin Boyle from P.J. McLean
A44/1/21/9/8/3Protecting Human Rights Through Bills of Rights Conference
A44/1/1/6/2/21Letter from Dan Charles to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/1/6/2/16Letter from [Kevin Boyle] to Luis Kutner
A44/1/1/1/9Meeting Agenda and notice to members
A44/1/2/3/17Letter from Jim [James] Quinn to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/15/8/5Correspondence with Vincent Ryan
A44/1/1/8Press Cuttings - NICRA
A44/1/21/9/4/9Rights and Righteousness
A44/5/8/1University News Bulletins
A44/1/5/1/8Letter from Murray Sayle
A44/5/5/1/2/10Letter from Rt Hon. Sir Robert Lowry to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/21/4/2Submissions and Drafts
A44/1/21/3/11994 Annual Conference
A44/1/21/5Research Notes
A44/1/22/24Human Rights and the Northern Ireland Peace Agreement
A44/2/1/1/1Case Documents and Judgements
A44/4/3/1Law College Notes
A44/1/22/1Probation Service Conference
A44/5/5/1/2/4Letter from R.A. Eastwood to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/21/9/8/1Bill of Rights Event
A44/5/5/1/2/16Letter from Mike Farrell to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/22/16Northern Ireland into the Nineties - What Kind of Society
A44/5/5/1/2/8Letter from Kevin Boyle to David Norris
A44/5/9/1/31992 - 1993
A44/1/22/4Human Rights Conditions in Northern Ireland: How a Western System of Justice Deals with a Security Problem
A44/1/22/6Symposium on Northern Ireland
A44/5/9/1/1/7Letter from Dr. Malcolm Shaw to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/36Notice to boyle from West of Ireland Steam Railway Association
A44/4/5/2/14Kevin Boyle departing Article 19
A44/1/22/12Northern Ireland: Finding a Way Forward
A44/26/1/18Human Rights and International Legal Discourse
A44/1/22/17Anglo-Irish Relations and Northern Ireland
A44/5/5/1/2/13Letter from Kevin Boyle to Prof. William Twining
A44/1/21/4/4Publications by the Forum
A44/1/22/21Peace Council Conference
A44/5/4/3/3/30Letter from Jane Byrnes to Boyle
A44/6/15/7Assorted loose leave notes
A44/5/4/3/4/25Letter from Gerald W. Cormick to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/21/1/1Research, Seminars and Reports
A44/1/21/6Conferences (Human Rights)
A44/5/5/1/4/18Letter from S. Houston Lay to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/23/6British-Irish Agreement Act
A44/1/23Good Friday Agreement/Belfast Agreement
A44/5/5/1/2/27Letter from Kevin Boyle to Lady McGonigal
A44/1/22/11Ditchley Foundation Conference on Northern Ireland
A44/4/5/1Photographs labelled 'Cambridge'
A44/4Kevin Boyle - Personal
A44/5/5/1/3/4Letter from Kevin Boyle to Mike Farrell
A44/5/4/3/4/20Letter from Niall Osborough to Kevin Boyle
A44/2/1/3Research Documents
A44/5/5/1/5/38Letter from [Mairin] to Kevin Boyle
A44/2/1/2/1Notes of Norris Vs. Attorney General
A44/5/1/2/41973 - 1977
A44/4/5Photographs - Personal
A44/4/5/2/19Kevin Boyle and Mary Robinson
A44/4/5/2/5Kevin Boyle in America
A44/5/4/3/1/20Library Request
A44/4/3/2Law Society
A44/5/4/3/4/10Letter from Sean McCann to Kevin Boyle
A44/4/3Student at Queen's University College, Belfast
A44/5/5/1/2/15Letter from Kevin Boyle to the Editor of the Irish Times
A44/5/5/1/3/3Letter from Mike Farrell to Kevin Boyle
A44/4/5/2Photographs - Personal
A44/4/10/10Passing the Northern Ireland Bar and other Letters
A44/5/4/3/4/16Library Book receipt
A44/5/5/3UCG Law Faculty Development - Chicago
A44/5/5/1/5/58Letter from Kevin Boyle to S.C. Connelly & co.
A44/5/4/3/4/23Letter from the Office of the Attorney General to Kevin Boyle
A44/4/5/2/16Kevin Boyle at British Council Seminar
A44/5/4/3/4/11Letter from Richard Rose to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/4/3/4/24Letter from Dick Parker to Kevin Boyle
A44/4/5/2/27Kevin Boyle with Cherin George
A44/5/5/1/5/17Letter from Kevin Boyle to A. O'Murchadha
A44/5/4/3/4/19Letter from Kevin Boyle to Prof. Greer
A44/5/5/1/2/1Letter from Nuala O'Faolain to Kevin Boyle
A44/4/8Invitations Received
A44/4/10Personal Correspondence
A44/4/9Identification Badges and Business Cards
A44/35The Irish Diaspora / Department of Foreign Affairs
A44/26/1/41Freedom of Religion in International Law
A44/1/10/2/5George Orr Vs. United Kingdom
A44/4/10/9Correspondence with Hurst Hannum
A44/4/10/8Correspondence with Bernadette Devlin McAlliskey
A44/5/4/3/4/21Postcard from Hurst Hannum to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/2/34Letter from Daniel W. Nugent to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/4/3/4/12Letter from John P. Spiegal to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/1/2Letter from [Peter] Glazebrook to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/10/10/6Conference of European Heads of Police Training
A44/8Law and Legal Issues/Cases
A44/4/2Student at Christian Brothers Grammar School, Newry, Co. Down
A44/5/6/3Other Documents
A44/5/5/1/5/43Receipt for travel
A44/5/4/3/1/1Foreign Currency
A44/1/5/1/4Letter from International Association of Democratic Lawyers
A44/1/2/8People's Democracy Publications
A44/5/5/1/4/26Letter from Douwe and Diki Korff to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/2/2Letter from Prof. Richard Rose to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/34Letter from Kevin Boyle to world of Information
A44/5/5/1/2/6Letter from Kevin Boyle to Rt. Hon. Lord Justice McGonigal
A44/5/4/3/4/13Letter from Mike [ ] to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/4/3/4/14Postcard from Mike [ ] to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/4/3/4/26Letter from Kevin Boyle to Prof. Myers McDougal
A44/5/4/3/4/18Letter from Prof. Myers McDougal to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/4/4Letter from Kevin Boyle to L. O'Cairbre
A44/5/5/3/1/13Letters between Margaret Grealis Klein and Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/4/23Letter from Anthony (Tony) Kerr to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/3/14Letter from [D] Costello to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/4Letter from Kevin Boyle to Mick ryan
A44/5/5/1/3/13Letter from Rosemary Connolly to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/2/17Letter from Prof. A.W. Bradley to Kevin Boyle
A44/26/1/38Northern Ireland: Dismantling the Protestant State
A44/5/5/1/3/2Letter from [Tom] Costello to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/4/8Letter from John J. Coyle to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/1/8Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Dr. Malcolm Shaw
A44/5/5/1/2/28Letter from Brian Walsh to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/1/5Letter from Kevin Boyle to Dr. Colm O'hEocha
A44/5/5/1/2/3Letter from Ambrose McGonigal to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/22/15 Conference on South Africa, Israel and Northern Ireland
A44/5/5/1/2/30Letter from Patricia McGonigal to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/4/14Letter from John Robb to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/19Letter from Marie- Allice Laulo to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/112007 - 2010
A44/5/5/1/5/2Letter from Kevin Boyle to Peter Jack
A44/5/5/1/4/10Letter from Kevin Boyle to Kathryn Henry
A44/5/5/1/4/9Letter from Katherine Henry to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/4/24Letter from Mick Ryan to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/4/5Letter from Kevin Boyle to Peter Jack
A44/5/5/1/2/12Letter from Jim Fahy to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/2/33Letter from Kevin Boyle to Honorary Justice Costello
A44/5/9/1/2/16Letter from Senator David Norris to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/3/1Letter from Peter Reeves to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/2/23Letter from Kevin Boyle to P.Froggatt and also to Hibernia Magazine
A44/5/5/1/3/21Letter from Peter Melchett to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/2/35Letter from Kevin Boyle to [ ]
A44/5/5/1/2/26receipt from Northern Ireland Law Reports
A44/5/5/1/2/20Letter from Terry Walter to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/2/21Letter from Kevin Boyle to Terry Walters
A44/5/5/1/2/22Letter from Edmond [ ] to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/2/29Letter from Kevin Boyle to Prof. Richard Rose
A44/5/9/1/4/14Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Joseph Small
A44/5/5/1/5/18Letter from M.A. Lowe to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/4Oct - Dec 1980
A44/5/5/3/1/3Report for David Walsh
A44/5/5/1/4/19Letter from Thomas Patrick Melody to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/1/6Letter from Dr. Malcolm Shaw to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/2/36Letter from Lauren Bowerman to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/4/22Letter from Michael [Summer] to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/3Jan - Sep 1980
A44/5/5/1/4/1Letter of payment from University of Cambridge
A44/5/5/1/5/54Letter from Kevin Boyle to Christopher Thomas
A44/5/9/1/4/8Letter from Deepika Udagama to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/3/5Invoice from Butterworths Publishers
A44/5/5/1/3/7Letter from John Kelly to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/3/12Letter from Kevin Boyle to Lord Melchett
A44/5/9/1/6/20Letter from George A. Barnard to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/4/20Letter from John J. Mahar to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/3/17Letter from Jeffrey Dudgeon to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/2/2Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to J.H.G. Ford
A44/5/5/1/3/25Letter from Kevin Boyle to Rory O'Donnell
A44/5/5/1/3/19Letter from Jack [ ] to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/4/7Letter from Kevin Boyle to Prof. Donald J. Black
A44/5/5/1/3/29Letter from Kevin Boyle to Lionel Jacobs
A44/5/5/1/5/9Letters between Michael Balbrine and Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/3/22Letter from Charles Carlton to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/1Letter from Peter Jack to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/7Jan - May 1982
A44/5/5/1/3/27Letter from [Eamonn] Duffy to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/3/26Letter from Kevin Boyle to Christopher McCudden
A44/5/5/1/3/18Letter from Dr. [Alpha]. Connelly to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/3/30Leter from Kevin Boyle to S.C. Connolly & Co. Solicitors
A44/5/5/1/3/31Letter from Maurice Hayes to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/46Letter from Kevin Boyle to Geoff (Jeffrey) Dudgeon
A44/5/5/1/3/33Letter from Kevin Boyle to James McNeil
A44/5/5/1/3/32Letter from James McNeil to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/48Letter from Kevin Boyle to The College of Industrial Relations
A44/5/5/1/4/3Letter from Kevin Boyle to Tom Hadden and Paddy Hillyard
A44/5/5/1/5/45Notice from International League for Human Rights
A44/5/5/3/1/11Letter from Kevin Boyle to Mary Ann Brady
A44/5/5/1/4/15Letter from Kevin Boyle to John J. Coyle
A44/5/5/1/5/12Letter from Kevin Boyle to Dr. David Rottman
A44/5/9/1/3/18Letter from Dr. David Burton to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/5Letter from David Miers to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/7Teaching Materials
A44/5/5/1/5/6Letter from Kevin Boyle to Alain Gogarty
A44/5/5/1/5/42Letter from M.D. Nally to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/6/4Kevin Boyle as Visiting Godfrey Lecturer in Law, Maine School of Law
A44/5/9/1/3/3Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Mr. Narshell
A44/5/9/1/10/27Letter from Brendand Garland to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/3Letter from John Phillips to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/7Letter from Turlough O'Donnell to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/3/1/10Letter from Kevin Boyle to H. Newmann
A44/5/5/3/1/9Letter from Kevin Boyle to Dr. Scott Nichols
A44/5/9/1/10/15Letter from Joe Gallienne to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/1/1Letter from [Peter] Glazebrook to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/22Letter from Kevin Boyle to Pamela McDonald
A44/5/6/5Lecture Notes and Teaching Materials
A44/5/9/1/1/5Letter from Dr. Malcom Shaw to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/39Letter from James McNeil to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/15Letter from Kevin Boyle to Elizabeth O'Brien
A44/5/5/1/5/29Letter from Kevin Boyle to David Miers
A44/5/5/1/5/14Letter from Kevin Boyle to David Miers
A44/5/5/1/5/32Letter from Kevin Boyle to John Phillips
A44/5/9/1/3/9Letter from Peter Wesley-Smith to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/6/15Research Notes - Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/51Letter from Kevin Boyle to N.P. Engel Verlag
A44/5/5/1/5/21Letter from Kevin Boyle to Mary McAlese
A44/5/5/3/1/7Letter from Liam Canniffe to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/24Travel Receipt
A44/5/5/1/5/25Letter from Pamela McDonald to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/26Letter from Anne C. Beull to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/28Letter from Kevin Boyle to James McNeill
A44/5/9/2Teaching Materials and Courses
A44/5/5/1/5/49Letter from Kevin Boyle to Prof. John A. Andrews
A44/5/5/3/1/12Letter from Judge Arthur Dunne to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/7/9Email from David M. Beetham to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/53Letter from Sheila Lowdy to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/50Letter from Maeve Doyle to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/5/56Letter from Bob Purdie to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/1/12Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Dr. Malcolm Shaw
A44/5/5/1/5/55Letter from Jeffrey Dudgeon to Kevin Boyle
A44/25/24/19Establishing and Protecting Human Rights
A44/5/5/3/1/8Letter from Kevin Boyle to Prof. Robert O'Connell
A44/5/5/1/5/52Letter from Kevin Boyle to Don Kelly
A44/5/9/1/1/2Letter from Kevin Boyle to Carolyn Yates
A44/5/5/1/11977 - Appointment to University College Galway
A44/5/5/1/5Jan - May 1981
A44/5/5/1/8Jun - Dec 1982
A44/5/9/1/4/17Letter from Tessa Harvey to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/3/10Letter from Dick Spring, T.D. to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/7University of San Diego, Dublin Office
A44/5/5/3/31983 - 1986
A44/1/1/3/1/Card from Joan [ ] to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/5Proposed Institute of Criminal Law
A44/5/6/1/21983 - 1987
A44/5/6University of Maine, U.S.A.
A44/5/6/2Travel Documents and Public Speaking
A44/5/5/9Other U.C.G. Documents
A44/5/9/1/92001 - 2003
A44/1/1/6/2/30Article on Kevin Boyle
A44/5/4/3/1/19Wages Receipt
A44/5/8La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
A44/5/5/3/1/5Note on potential commercial funders
A44/5/9/1/102004 - 2006
A44/26/1/7Law in Context
A44/5/9/1/3/1Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Douglas Cahn
A44/5/9/1/2/15Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Vincent L. McKusick
A44/5/9/1/2/11Letter from Prof. Martin Harris to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/2/1Letter from J.H.G. Ford to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/2/3Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Sir Shridath S. Ramphal
A44/5/9/1/3/2Letter from Michael O'Flaherty to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/8/7Human Rights - Towards the Year 2000
A44/25/16/4/4Michael Mullen Memorial Trust Fund
A44/5/9/5Wyvern - University of Essex Newsletter and Human Rights Centre Newsletter / Ephemera
A44/31/1Cassette Tapes
A44/5/5/1/3/10Invoices to Northern Ireland Law Reports
A44/20/27/4Research Documents
A44/15/8Manuscript notes by Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/4Irish Centre for the Study of Human Rights
A44/5/9/1/3/12Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Tom [ ]
A44/5/9/1/4/11Letter from Tom Hadden to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/8/3Public Speaking and Engagements
A44/5/9/1/1/3Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Prof. A.D. Yates
A44/5/9/1/5/14Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Daiden O'hEocha
A44/5/5/10Dlì - the Western Law Gazette
A44/5/5/6Development of Law Library Collection, U.C.G.
A44/5/8/4Teaching Notes
A44/5/9/1/3/14Letter from Robert Hazell to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/1/10/2/2Donnelly et Al Vs. United Kingdom
A44/5/9/1/1/4Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Dr. Malcolm Shaw
A44/5/8/6Press Cuttings
A44/5/8/5Human Rights Discussion Broadcasts
A44/5/9/4 (1-2)Academic Papers
A44/5/9/1/11/12Letter from Carla Ferstman to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/11982 - 1984
A44/5/9/1/1/1Letter from Prof. A.D. Yates to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/4/2Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Jeff Mostineckx
A44/5/9/1/2/4Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Pera Wells
A44/5/9/1/2/14Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Lance Linblom
A44/5/9/1/2/6Letter from R.L. Dixon to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/1/9Letter from E. Newcomb to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/2/5Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Prof. Norman Palmer
A44/5/9/1/1/10Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to E. Newcomb
A44/5/9/1/3/7Letter from Kathryn Coll to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/1/11Letter from Dr. Malcolm Shaw to various
A44/5/9/1/3/8Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Maureen Clinton
A44/5/9/1/2/19Letter from Peter Marsden to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/5/6Letter from Chris Moffat to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/2/13Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Sheldon Leader
A44/22Human Rights, Environment and Sustainable Development
A44/5/9/1/3/6Fax from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Mary O'Shea
A44/26/2/17New Institutions for Human Rights Protection
A44/5/9/1/2/20Letter from John Mc[ ] to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/2/18Letter from Patrick Nolan to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/26/1/22Human Rights and International Legal Discourse
A44/5/9/1/2/21Fax letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Sir Rex Richards
A44/5/9/1/3/4Letter from Prof. Martin Harris to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/5/4Letter from Elaine Kelly to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/6Letter from Prof. Hurst Hannum to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/3/2Letter from Michael O'Flaherty to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/5/7Letter from Alan Galtie to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/3/5Letter from Wilma Toong to Prof Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/41994 - 1995
A44/5/9/1/6/19Letter from Liz Parratt to Prof. Francoise Hampson and Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/26/1/23Human Rights and International Legal Discourse
A44/5/9/1/3/13Letter from Kevin Boyle to Jessica Parker
A44/5/9/1/4/4Letter from Harold Hongju Koh and Ronald C. Slye to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/4/7Letter from Mary [Holland] to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/3/15Letter from Zatan Pajic to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/3/16Letter from Jef Mostinckx to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/3/17Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Karl Naudruo Dahl
A44/5/9/1/4/20Letter from Adam Robbins to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/4/3Letter from Prof. Simon Lee to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/15/7/2Manuscript Notes by Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/7Email from Katrin Lichtenberg to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/4/6Letter from Ronald C. Slye to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/4/12Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Dr. Elena Nemiroskaya
A44/5/9/1/4/5Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Dr. Harold Hongju Koh
A44/5/9/1/6/11Letter from Robin Wilson to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/26/1/20Religion and Human Rights
A44/5/9/1/4/16Letter from Proinsias O'Drisceoil to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/5/2Letter from Colm Regan and Scott Sinclair to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/4/13Letter from Rianna [Preredi] to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/5/1Letter from [Richard] [Wool. . .] to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/6/5Letter from Peter McKenna to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/6/18Letter from Sir. Sigmund Sternberg to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/4/22Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Vice Chancellor, Essex University
A44/5/9/1/5/10Letter from Michel Petheram to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/6/15Letter from John Wadham to Prof. Francoise Hampson and Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/5/3Fax letter from Penelope Faulkner to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/5/5Letter from Lord Chief Justice Bingham to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/20Fax letter from Sally Painter to R. Ching and Prof. Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/30Email between Prof. Kevin Boyle and Eugenio Aragao
A44/5/9/1/6/2Letter from Lord Chief Justice Bingham to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/5/8Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Ambassador Alan Galtie
A44/5/9/1/5/9Letter from Vladimir Volodine to Prof. David Beetham and copied to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/26/2/9Northern Ireland - The Choice
A44/5/9/1/10/11Email from Tatjana Peric to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/5/15Letter from R.F. Hardwick to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/5/16Letter from Keith Carmichael to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/5/20Letter from Marc Weller to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/6/1Letter to Kevin Boyle from Lord Chief Justice Bingham
A44/5/9/1/5/17Letter from President Mary Robinson to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/6/4Letter from Lucinda Garner to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/6/7Letter from Martin Woolacott to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/5/21Letter from Lord Chief Justice Bingham to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/5/22Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Annelis Bosch
A44/5/9/1/6/9Email from Oman Muhamadganov to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/33Email from Lucia Fresa to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/8/7Letter from Marina Dordic to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/13Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Secretary Board of Graduate Studies, University of Cambridge
A44/5/9/1/10/23Letter from Prof. James Brown to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/6/12Letter from Peter Mermitage to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/7/6Letter from Lorena Gonzàles Volio to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/6/22Email from Ivor Crowe to Prof. Kevin Boyle, Prof. Francoise Hampson, Geoffrey S. Gilbert, Nigel Rodley and Jane E. Wright.
A44/5/9/1/6/10Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Martin Woolacott
A44/5/9/1/6/13Letter from Keith Carmichael to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/7/1Letter from [Tom Hadden] to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/7/3Letter from Martin Collins QC to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/6/17Letter from Jenny Morgan to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/7/4Letter from Baroness Onora O'Neill to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/6/15/8Freedom of Press in Europe
A44/21/9/2Drafts of Report
A44/12/11Diary 1989
A44/5/9/1/8/5Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Jack Boyd
A44/5/9/1/6/21Letter from Robert Hazell to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/7/2Letter from Chief Justice Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Mifsud Bonnici to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/9/13Speeches by Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/12Letter from Gèrard Cohen-Jonathon to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/2Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Roberto Cuellar
A44/5/9/1/8/1Email from Leif Holmstrom to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/7/18Letter from Barbara G. Watts to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/8Email from Democratic Audit to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/7/10Email from Bill Bowring to Prof. Kevin Boyle, Prof. Geoff, Heidi Wiggum, Anne [S] and L[ ] Baird
A44/5/9/1/7/13Letter from John Wadham to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/4Email from Keston Institute to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/7/16Notice of event sent to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/7/12Email from Greek Helsinki Monitor to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/7/14Email from Lena Larsen to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/7/17Email from William S. Bowring to Prof. Kevin Boyle and Prof. Francoise Hampson
A44/5/9/1/7/15Email from Tanya Smith to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/10Report on Human Rights Centre Retreat
A44/26/1/19Religion and Human Rights
A44/5/9/1/8/2Letter from Donald Zillman to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/11Letter from Brice Dickson to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/1/2/3/16Letter to Kevin Boyle from Wolf Schenke
A44/5/9/1/2/8Letter from Margaret Howard to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/21Letter from Hans-Paul Klijnsma to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/1Letter from Paddy Sloan to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/9 Letter from Conor Gearty to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/16Letter from prof. Kevin Boyle to Robert Dieter
A44/5/9/1/9/18Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to William J. Butler
A44/5/9/1/9/5Letter from Tony Meade to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/18email from T. McGonagle to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/12Newsletter from Search for Common Ground to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/16/4/5MRG Council Minutes 2009
A44/5/9/1/9/15Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to H.E. Ms. Mary Whelan
A44/21/9South Africa
A44/5/9/1/10/4Email from Human Rights Without Frontiers to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/14Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to [ ]
A44/5/9/1/10/17Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/3Email from Jonathan Horowitz to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/19Email from Prof. William (Bill) Schabas to Prof. Kevin BOyle
A44/5/9/1/10/6Letter from David Mepham to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/11/15Letter from Robin Shawer to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/20Letter from Prof. Cees Flinterman to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/2Email from Justice Adel Omar Sherif to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/22Letter from Casper Schweigman to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/24Letter from Kate Cleveland to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/12/10Diary 1985
A44/26/1/33New Institutions for Human Rights Protection
A44/5/9/1/10/5Letter from David Mepham to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/11/11Email from Article 19 to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/6/15/3Diary of events
A44/5/9/1/10/35Letter from Human Rights Centre, Ghent University, to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/25Invitation to Prof. Kevin Boyle frm John Nurser
A44/5/9/1/10/10Email from Andrew Puddephatt to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/9Letter from [ ] to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/14Email from Dr. John Barker to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/5/13Memorandum from Liizzie Cornelius to Prof. Boyle and others
A44/20/17United States of America and UN Human Rights Council
A44/5/9/1/10/16Email from Marie McGonagle to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/28Letter from John Marks to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/22Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Professor James Brown
A44/5/9/2/2/6LW -911 - European Convention on Human Rights
A44/6/24/13Expert Meeting on Promoting Equality Within a Free Speech Network
A44/5/9/1/10/34Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Luzius Wildhaber
A44/12/20Diary 1998
A44/6/16/2/3World Statement - Writers and Readers in Support of Salman Rushdie
A44/5/9/1/11/9Letter from Monica McWilliams to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/32Fax letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Deirdre Dunne
A44/6/15/6Refill Notepad
A44/5/9/1/11/14Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Klara Papp
A44/5/9/1/11/4Email from Stuart Weir to Prof. Kevin Boyle and various others.
A44/5/9/1/10/36Letter from Elizabeth Griffin to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/6/24/16Striking a Balance Between the Right to Free Expression . .
A44/26/1/4Policing, Criminal Justice and the Rule of Law: Response
A44/5/9/1/11/2Email from Agnes Callamard to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/11/3Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Prof. Gerry Stimson
A44/5/9/1/11/5Letter from Prof. Boyle to Prof. Yuen-ying Chan
A44/5/9/1/11/8Letters between Prof. Kevin Boyle, Prof. William Schabas and Dr. Vinodh Jaichand
A44/5/9/1/11/17Letter from Tom Hadden to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/11/10Letter from Bailey Grey to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/20/16Notebook - Kevin Boyle
A44/1/6/7/5'Northern Ireland - Why Not" (The Impasse)
A44/15/7/4Writing by Kevin Boyle
A44/20/7/11Letter from President Robinson to Kevin Boyle
A44/9/10'Banned in Ireland' -Book
A44/9/14Journal of Media Law and Practice
A44/5/9/2/3/3Report from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Ma and LLM Course Directors
A44/5/9/2/6M.A. Theory and Practice of Human Rights
A44/5/9/2/5/1Human Rights in Europe 1991-1992
A44/5/9/14/2 'Freedom of Religion and Belief - A World Report'
A44/5/9/2/9/11995 - 1996
A44/6/16/2/4World Statement - Writer's Petition to the United Nations
A44/5/9/3/31999 - 2002
A44/5/4/3/4June 1973 - Dec 1973
A44/6/24/5Media Censorship
A44/5/9/1/2/9Letter from R.L. Dixon to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/36Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative
A44/5/9/3/21997 - 1999
A44/5/9/17Honourary Degree, University of Essex
A44/6/9/21989 - 1990
A44/5/9/10Ethical Investment Project
A44/5/9/7European Science Foundation
A44/5/9/9U.K./Ireland Human Rights Centre Network
A44/5/9/13Department for International Development (DIFD)
A44/1/22/26Council of Europe - Second Round Table with National Human Rights Institutions
A44/5/9/1/5/11Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Nicholas Robinson
A44/5/9/14/1Human Rights Handbook: A Practical Guide for Monitoring Human Rights
A44/5/9/1/5/18Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to President Mary Robinson
A44/6/14Research Documents
A44/5/9/1/3/11Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Dick Spring T.D.
A44/5/9/18Kevin Boyle Memorial Conference
A44/6/12/8Freedom of Expression and Information in the United Kingdom
A44/5/5/1/4/11Letter from James McNeil to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/3/20Letter from Prof. Charles Drake to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/4/3/4/22Letter from Prof. F.H. Newark to Kevin Boyle
A44/26/1/39On Northern Ireland
A44/26/1/6Irish Political Studies
A44/31/1/6Kevin Boyle - Chicago
A44/6/2Statute of Article 19
A44/6/4Essay - "Article 19 - the International Centre on Censorship"
A44/6/7Plan for Launch of Article 19
A44/6/9/11987 - 1988
A44/6/9/31991 - 2003
A44/6/16/5Manuscript Notes by Kevin Boyle
A44/6/10/3Other Article 19 Newsletters
A44/6/16/4/3The Rushdie Affair: Research Agenda for Political Philosophy
A44/6/16/1Press Cuttings
A44/26/2/26Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights
A44/6/16/2/2The Crime of Blasphemy - Why it Should be Abolished
A44/10/8/2Warwick Seminar on Freedom of Expression
A44/16/10MRG - 40 Years
A44/6/24/3Building Understanding and Respect Between People . . . .
A44/6/24/11Freedom of Expressio and Freedom of Religion - NGOs and Human Rights
A44/6/22/71992 - 1998 Correspondence
A44/6/22/2 1987 Correspondence
A44/6/22/2 /1Correspondence
A44/6/22/2 /2Correspondence
A44/6/22/2 /3Correspondence
A44/9/3Press Freedom and Libel
A44/6/22/41989 Correspondence
A44/6/24/71991 - 2000
A44/6/22/51990 Correspondence
A44/6/22/61991 Correspondence
A44/9/11/1/2Case Documents
A44/9/8Press Council of Ireland
A44/9/5Law Reform Commission consultation on Defamation Law.
A44/12/15Diary 1993
A44/6/25Article 19 World Report: Information, Freedom and Censorship
A44/12/14Diary 1992
A44/26/2/6Ireland: A Positive Proposal
A44/9/1Press Freedom in Ireland
A44/9/1/1Research & Correspondence -'Press Freedom in Ireland'.
A44/9/11/1/6Research Documents (2)
A44/9/11/1/1Comment and Statement by Kevin Boyle
A44/9/6Media and Accountability in Ireland
A44/9/9Press Cuttings
A44/12Kevin Boyle - Personal Diaries
A44/9/11/1/5Research Documents
A44/12/8Diary 1982
A44/10/5Freedom of Expression/Information - Correspondence
A44/9/18Freedom of Information - Ireland
A44/12/9Diary 1984
A44/26/1/30Police in Ireland Before the Union: 1
A44/15/2/1Correspondence 1991 -1992
A44/9/19Research Documents
A44/10/8/1 (2 of 2)International Symposium on Freedom of Expression, Istanbul, Turkey
A44/10/2Freedom of Expression - South Africa
A44/12/12Diary 1990
A44/7/8 Research Documents
A44/10/7/1Bladet Tromso A/S and Stensaas V. Norway
A44/12/17Diary 1995
A44/12/18Diary 1996
A44/12/21Diary 1999
A44/25International Human Rights
A44/12/13Diary 1991
A44/12/16Diary 1994
A44/8/11The Advocates Society
A44/26/2/12European Human Rights Law Review
A44/12/19Diary 1997
A44/20/35'A Voice for Human Rights' - Book
A44/8/6Irish Juries
A44/11/1/21995 - Freedom of Religious Belief and the UN Year for Tolerance
A44/7/2Teaching by Kevin Boyle
A44/16Minority Rights Group
A44/11/1/52001 - Conference on Religious Discrimination
A44/20/7/12Letter from President Mary Robinson to Kevin Boyle
A44/25/22/3ASEM Seminar - Mobility, Diversity and Social Cohesion
A44/11/1/72004 - Parliament of the World Religions
A44/11/2United Nations and Freedom of Religious Belief
A44/11/5Writings by Kevin Boyle
A44/16/5/16State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2010
A44/11/1/8[2004] - Restriction on Freedom of Expression
A44/11/1/92005 - Religion, Human Rights and International Law - A Critical Examination of Islamic State Practices
A44/8/3Electoral Law
A44/10/7/2Jersild V. Denmark
A44/10Freedom of Expression, Media, Press - International
A44/20/43/9Manuscript Notes and writings by Kevin Boyle
A44/7/1Writing by Kevin Boyle
A44/8/7Irish Constitutional Law
A44/4/5/2/1Kevin Boyle in Boy Scouts
A44/8/5Sentencing Reform
A44/8/4Constitutional Law - Magill Summer School
A44/20United Nations - O.H.C.H.R.
A44/26/1/17Human Rights Quarterly
A44/4/5/2/24Cairo Symposium on Human Rights
A44/5/9/1/2/12Letter from Brian Hutton to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/8/1/2Case Documents
A44/1/16/10McGimpsey & McGimpsey Vs. Ireland
A44/5/5/1/3/6Letter from the Irish Jurist to Kevin Boyle
A44/14/8Seminar Series - Constitutional Reform
A44/8/9Criminal Justice Bill 1983
A44/20/3Writing by Kevin Boyle
A44/20/43/14Colloquium on 'Anti-Terrorist Measures and Human Rights"
A44/20/13Kevin Boyle as UN Special Rapporteur - Freedom of Religion and Belief
A44/20/7/13Letter from Kevin Boyle to Mary Robinson
A44/20/12OHCHR Correspondence 2000 - 2003
A44/20/9Correspondence with Dr. Bertram Ramcharan
A44/20/7Correspondence - Boyle and the Robinsons
A44/20/4Mary Robinson - Farewell to Geneva
A44/20/6Kevin Boyle Consultancy with the UN
A44/20/10Correspondence with Maxime Tardu
A44/21/4/4Gambian Newspapers
A44/23/12/3Political, Legal, Cultural Social and Economic Aspects of the Media in a Democratic Society.
A44/20/27/3Freedom of Religious Belief - Statements and Policy
A44/20/42/133rd World Congress of the International Association for Religious Freedom
A44/1/2/15Communist Party of Ireland
A44/20/3350th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
A44/20/14Kevin Boyle as UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers
A44/20/34History of OHCHR and of Universal Declaration of Human Rights
A44/20/25/1Human Rights Council - two year review and other documents
A44/5/5/1/5/13Notice from Incorporated Council of Law Reporting N.I.
A44/5/4/3/1May 1972 - Dec 1972
A44/31/1/1"Politics, 1968 - 1970"
A44/15/7/1Reports and Writings
A44/21/4/5Business Cards
A44/1/1/3/4/12Letter from Phil [ ] to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/4/1Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Christine [ ]
A44/15/14/2Manuscript Notes
A44/15/4Flyers and Ephemera
A44/20/35/3Reviews, Launch and Comments
A44/27Human Rights and Women
A44/1/2/3/18Postcard from John Brady to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/4/3/4/9Receipt from Thames Television
A44/24/3Related Documents
A44/25/24/4Constitution and Culture
A44/13Irish Association of Law Teachers (IALT)
A44/20/42/14 (1-3)Seminar on Interdependence between Democracy and Human Rights
A44/20/42/16Kevin boyle as SPecial Rapporteur on the Question of Freedom of Religion or Belief.
A44/1/23/5British-Irish Agreement Bill
A44/31/1/8Inside Politics with Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/14/3General Correspondence
A44/14/7/2Board Minutes - 1990
A44/20/43/13Oslo Conference
A44/16/4/3MRG Council Minutes 2007
A44/26/1/10Dillusionment With Democracy . . .
A44/20/43/11Teaching on Terrorism by Kevin Boyle
A44/5/4/4Experiences at Yale University
A44/4/5/2/4Kevin Boyle
A44/14/7/4Board Minutes 1992
A44/6/23Magill Summer School
A44/14/4Charter 88 Seminar Series
A44/16/11Seminars and Conferences
A44/21/9/11984 Report - South Africa Pass Laws
A44/31/2VHS Tapes
A44/25/22/4Asia-Europe Lecture Tour
A44/21/4/2/3Aug 1982
A44/21/3/1Conference for the Abolition of Torture
A44/26/1/11International Affairs
A44/26/1/9Breaking Down the Enmity
A44/18/1Conference on Religion and Freedom of Belief, Vienna, Austria
A44/15/13Publication: "The Democratic Audit of the United Kingdom Volume 1 - 2"
A44/25/16/1/11Letter from Kadar Asmal to Kevin Boyle
A44/31/4Floppy Disks
A44/25/24/97th International Conference for National Institutions for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
A44/25/16/1/5Letter from Kadar Asmal to Kevin Boyle
A44/22/7Press Cuttings - UK
A44/4/5/2/17Kevin Boyle at United Nations, Geneva
A44/15/12Seminar on Democracy 'CSCE Project'
A44/21/7Other Correspondence
A44/15/14Publication: "Introducing Democracy - 80 Questions and Answers"
A44/15/14/1Authors Contract
A44/21Amnesty International
A44/25/24/21Human Rights Network Seminar on CERD
A44/21/4The Gambia
A44/21/4/2/11980 - 1981
A44/18/2Newsletters, press releases and reports
A44/21/4/2/2Jan 1982
A44/26/1/15The Gemini Solution: Embracing Accountability
A44/21/9/3Correspondence 1984 - 1986
A44/5/10Other Teaching - Bologna
A44/21/9/9Research Documents
A44/21/9/8Lectures by Kevin Boyle
A44/25/7/1 (1-3)Research Documents
A44/19/1Itinerants in Northern Ireland
A44/7Racism and Hate Speech
A44/1/2/4/8Is the C.R. Movement to blame?
A44/26/1/3Review: 'Violence and State' by L. McFarlene
A44/25/22/28th Informal ASEM Seminar on Human Rights
A44/25/5/2Kevin Boyle China Lectures
A44/25/22Asia / Asia - Europe Foundation
A44/21/9/8/1"The Crime of Movement in South Africa: the Pass Laws"
A44/25/9/1Indo-British Conference on Democracy and Human Rights
A44/5/5/1/5/30Letter from the Academy Press to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/2/2/2Letter from [Kevin Boyle] to Bernadette Devlin
A44/4/5/2/28Kevin Boyle in the Burren, Co. Clare
A44/5/5/1/3/16Letter from Gregg Myles to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/7/1'The Special Powers Act of Northern Ireland'
A44/1/1/6/2/15Letter from Martin Loney to [Kevin Boyle]
A44/25/23/3Japan 2001
A44/25/20/6Legal Cases
A44/26/1/29Human Rights and Political Resolution in Northern Ireland
A44/25/20/21999 William HOward Taft Lecture by Kevin Boyle
A44/25/16South Africa and Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement
A44/25/16/1/1Letter from Kadar Asmal to Kevin Boyle
A44/25/2/1Africa - Research Documents
A44/25/22/1ASEM General Documents
A44/22/3Letter from Kevin Boyle to the Department of Environment
A44/22/5Emails between Boyle and Nurser, Brett-Crowther, Nott and Parker
A44/25/16/1/2Letter from Kadar Asmal to Kevin Boyle
A44/25/24/3Religious Organizations and The Human Rights Movement: Affinities and Divergences
A44/25/20/3Correspondence and Turkey E.U. Accession
A44/26/2/20 (1-2)Correspondence with Tom Hadden
A44/1/1/3/4/14Letter from National Council for Civil Liberties
A44/5/5/1/5/57Letter from Kevin Boyle to Bob Purdie
A44/1/1/3/4/13Letter from Martin Loney, Carlton University
A44/25/20/1Reports and Conferences
A44/25/16/6Minutes of Meetings
A44/25/24/1The Siracusa Principles
A44/25/24/13Inter-Regional Conference on Justice Systems and Human Rights
A44/26/1/16Human Rights & International Legal Discourse
A44/25/24/6Helsinki Watch / Greek Helsinki Monitor Workshops
A44/25/7/2Visit to Egypt - Kevin Boyle
A44/25/22/6Seminar on an Effective Human Rights Council
A44/25/24/5The Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Acute Crisis
A44/25/22/7Research Documents
A44/25/24/8'South African High Commission'
A44/25/24/15The Diplomacy of Human Rights
A44/25/23/2Japan 1993
A44/25/24/16Israel / Israeli Occupied Territories
A44/25/24/2Human Rights in the Americas
A44/25/24International Human Rights Conferences
A44/25/24/7Liberty Conference - 'Can Human Rights Save Society?'
A44/25/24/14The Protection of Human Rights by the United Nations Charter Bodies
A44/26/1/13Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights
A44/26/1/25The Disease Concept of Crime
A44/26/1/31Northern Ireland: Conflict and Conflict Resolution
A44/26/2/3/1Reviews and Lectures
A44/26/2/7Ireland: Another Positive Proposal/Northern Ireland: A New Vision
A44/26/1/27Ireland in Strasbourg . . . .
A44/25/24/12Human Rights and Social Justice: Linking Aspirations and Realities
A44/26/1/8Discriminations - Old and New
A44/26/1/32How to Read the New Ireland Forum Report - Searching Between the Lines For a Realistic Framework for Action
A44/28/3Publication on Abortion, St. Louis University School of Law
A44/26/1/34Democracy, The Rule of Law and Islam
A44/26/1Journal Articles, Book Chapters, and Conference Publications
A44/26/1/1The Record of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York
A44/26/1/40Review "Critical Criminology"
A44/26/1/24Human Rights and International Legal Discourse
A44/26/1/21Human Rights Quarterly
A44/31/1/3Interview with Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/4/19Letter from Robert Ramsey to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/26/1/28Human Rights and the Northern Irish Emergency
A44/26/2Books and Related Publications
A44/26/2/8Relations Between Church and State in Ireland
A44/26/1/43Linking Human Rights and Other Goals
A44/26/2/10Kluwer Publishing Project
A44/26/2/1Law and State: The Case of Northern Ireland.
A44/26/2/2International Human Rights Law in a State of Emergency: Northern Ireland 1969 - 1975
A44/26/2/3Ten Years on in Northern Ireland: The Legal Control of Political Violence
A44/26/2/19Correspondence with Prof. William Twinning
A44/26/2/4The Anglo-Irish Agreement: Commentary, Text and Official Review
A44/26/2/3/2Correspondence between Boyle, Hadden and Hillyard.
A44/1/15/8/31985 - Correspondence
A44/4/5/2/6Kevin Boyle in America
A44/5/9University of Essex
A44/26/2/6/3Correspondence on Planning/content
A44/26/2/12/1Editorial Board Meetings
A44/26/2/14Local Conflict - Global Intervention
A44/1/2/3/13Letter to Kevin Boyle from [ ]
A44/26/2/11Irish Current Law Statutes Annotated
A44/26/2/18'Thought, Expression and Association
A44/26/2/15The Essentials of Human Rights
A44/31/1/7Tuesday Book and Author Broadcast - Kevin Boyle
A44/26/2/13Planned book on Freedom of Religious Belief
A44/37European Centre for Common Ground (Middle-East Group)
A44/27/3Legal case - Lesley Stubbins and others Vs. United Kingdom
A44/26/1/36Intoxication and Criminal Responsibility
A44/3/6Divorce Referendum/ Divorce Action Group
A44/3/4Research and other Documents
A44/27/2Radhika Coomaraswamy Honourary Conferring
A44/32/6Security and Protection for Human Rights Defenders
A44/28/1Right to Life Seminar, the Hague
A44/24/1Correspondence and CSCE/University of Essex project
A44/28/2Abortion and Right to Life
A44/22/9Environment and Sustainable Development
A44/8/8Extradition and Terrorism in Ireland
A44/29/1Correspondence With Nicholas Ragg
A44/34/3Conferences, Events and Newsletters
A44/22/1Letter from Boyle to Walter Hinkley
A44/22/6Press Cuttings, Australia
A44/31/1/9Talkback - Boyle and Hadden
A44/31/4/1'A Voice for Human Rights' Book
A44/20/19United Nations Human Rights Commission and Northern Ireland
A44/30Human Rights and Medicine/Health
A44/31Audio-Visual and Born-Digital Material
A44/26/1/42A Critical Evaluation of International Human Rights Approaches to Racism
A44/1/6/8Report of a Committee to Consider, in the Context of Civil Liberties and Human Rights, Measures to Deal with Terrorism in Northern Ireland.
A44/31/3/6Disk 6 - Images from Book Launch by John Nurser
A44/31/3/8Strategies for the Future Protecting Rights in the Pacific
A44/26/2/22The Effective Protection of Human Rights
A44/31/4/4University of Essex
A44/26/1/37The Irish Immigrant in Britain
A44/5/9/1/2/22Letter fromk Peter Pringle to Kevin Boyle
A44/33/1Letter of Invitation
A44/34INCORE, University of Ulster
A44/1/10/10/3Policy Documents
A44/20/31UN Association
A44/29Human Rights and Mental Health
A44/1/15/5How to Read the New Ireland Forum Report
A44/5/4/5Law and Morals
A44/13/4Research Papers
A44/25/16/1/4Letter from Kadar Asmal to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/1/7Letter from Tom O'Malley to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/16/2/1The Anglo-Irish Agreement: Clarifying the Objectives
A44/5/5/1/3/23Letters between Niall Osborogh, Kevin Boyle and YasuhikoTajima
A44/1/20/7Assorted Pamhplets and Publications (3)
A44/27/1Human Rights and Women - Research Documents
A44/1/1/13The Peace Moves in Context
A44/1/1/12Recollections of Civil Rights Movement
A44/14/5 (1-2)Reports and Publications
A44/5/5/1/3/28Letter from Kevin Boyle to Prof. Claire Palley
A44/1/3/10Ballymurphy Tenant Association
A44/5/4/3/2Jan 1973 - Mar 1973
A44/1/3/20NICRA - Tyrone Regional Executive
A44/1/15/3/2Submission by Sean McBride
A44/1/2/1/1Minutes of meetings of People's Democracy
A44/1/10/1/4Victim of Plastic Bullets - Stewart case
A44/1/1/3/4/19Letter from Sister Sarah Clarke to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/1/3/4/20Letter from Edwina Stewart to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/1/3/4/21Letter from Edwina Stewart to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/2/17The Summer - Proposals for Socialists
A44/35/1The Irish World Centre / The Irish Diaspora Centre
A44/5/1/3 Teaching Materials, Reports, and Research Notes
A44/1/18Fabian Society - Northern Ireland
A44/19Travellers Rights
A44/1/10/9/2Research and Correspondence
A44/4/10/21973 - 1974
A44/25/24/17Hong Kong Bill of Rights Conference
A44/5/4 University of Yale / Time Spent in America
A44/1/9/2International Human Rights Standards and the Emergency Provisions Act
A44/4/3/3The Queen's Players (University Dramatic Society)
A44/1/1/2/13Notice of conference to co-ordinate Civil Disobedience
A44/5/5/1/13Jan 1985 - Dec 1986
A44/26/2/12/2Correspondence and Publicity
A44/1/16/12Committee on the Government of Northern Ireland
A44/9/4Law Reform Commission consultation on Libel Law and Contempt of Court
A44/5/5/1/3/24Letter from Dr. Maurice Hayes to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/5/1/4/12Letter from Mike Farrell to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/2University of Warwick, U.K.
A44/5/11Other Teaching - European University Institute, Florence
A44/5/9/3/52003 - 2009
A44/1/1/2/5Communication to NICRA Members
A44/5/5/1/2/18Letter from Keith Kyle to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/1/10N.I.C.R.A. 40th Anniversary 2008
A44/26/2/5Sentencing Law in Northern Ireland
A44/1/2/2/1Letter to Bernadette Devlin
A44/1/4Scarman Tribunal
A44/1/1/5/5Co-Ordination of Civil Disobedience
A44/1/5/2/4Statement of Prof. Christopher Kevin Boyle
A44/1/5/3The Bloody Sunday Enquiry - Correspondence with/to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/6/1Statements on Internment
A44/1/10/1/7Association for Legal Justice
A44/1/10/5Research on Policing
A44/1/20/5Assorted Pamphlets and Publications (1)
A44/1/20/8Assorted Pamphlets and Publications (4)
A44/1/21/2Conferences and Research Papers
A44/1/21/9/7Research and Articles
A44/1/22/8Second Boston Symposium on Northern Ireland
A44/4/7Job Applications
A44/4/10/11969 - 1972
A44/5/5/1/9Jan - May 1983
A44/5/5/1/10Jun - Dec 1983
A44/5/5/1/11Jan - May 1984
A44/5/5/1/12Jun - Dec 1984
A44/5/9/8Internet Project and Human Rights Databases
A44/5/9/1/5/19Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to President Mary Robinson
A44/5/9/1/6/8Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Gavin McKenzie
A44/5/9/1/6/14Letter rom Prof. Kevin Boyle to Mary Keen
A44/5/9/1/6/16Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Martin Woolacott
A44/5/9/1/7/5Email from Maria Teresa Chiriboga to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/7/7Letter from Ivor Crowe to Prof. Kevin Boyle and Mary Robinson
A44/5/9/1/7/8Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Mary Robinson
A44/5/9/1/7/11Letters between Prof. Kevin Boyle and Elizabeth Bingham
A44/5/9/1/8/3Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Dr. Patrick F. Fottrell
A44/5/9/1/8/4Email from Heidi Wiggam to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/9/17Emails between Prof. Kevin Boyle and Michael O'Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/7Letter from Leo Zwaak, Yves Haeck and Sanne Hirs to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/8Fax letter from Tim Harraington to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/21Email from Anthimos Chatsivasiliou to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/26Letter from Mel James to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/10/29Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Louise Arbour
A44/5/9/1/10/31Letter from Prof. Kevin Boyle to Prof. Bert Lockwood
A44/5/9/1/11/18Letter from Thomas Krapf to Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/1/11/19Email from Robert Husbands to Prof. Kevin Boyle and others
A44/5/9/2/2/7LW911 - Module Documents
A44/5/9/2/3/7LLM International Human Rights Law 1998
A44/5/9/2/5/2Manuscript Notebook by Prof. Kevin Boyle
A44/5/9/2/7The Commonwealth and Human Rights
A44/5/9/3/11990 - 1996
A44/6/3Founding Documents
A44/6/20Article 19 '20th Anniversary Publication'
A44/5/5/1/6Jun - Dec 1981
A44/10/9Data Protection and Security
A44/11/1/11994 - Conferences on Religious Conflict and Religious Discrimination
A44/11/1/3 (1-4)1998 - The Oslo Conference on Freedom of Religion or Belief
A44/11/3Interights Group
A44/11/4 (1-4)Freedom of Religious Belief - Research Documents
A44/11/6Project Tandem
A44/10/7/2/1Case Documents
A44/20/1Appointment of Boyle to O.H.C.H.R.
A44/20/2Speeches by Mary Robinson - O.H.C.H.R.
A44/20/43/29/11 and its Aftermath - OHCHR
A44/15/6 (1-2)Writings by Democratic Audit
A44/15/10Inter-Parliamentary Working Group
A44/25/3 (1-2)Australia
A44/25/12Kurdish Rights
A44/25/21Kurdish Human Rights Issues
A44/25/9/2Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Initiative for the Advancement of Human Civilisation
A44/25/16/9 (1-3)E.U. Mission to South Africa
A44/25/23/1Japan - Kong Kong - India 1991
A44/28/4The Right to Life and Lethal Force
A44/32/1The Role of National and International NGOs
A44/35/3Department of Foreign Affairs, Dublin
A44/38Working Party of the Churches' Group on Human Rights and Responsibilities in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.
A44Professor Kevin Boyle papers
A44/1/2/3/1Letter from Bernadette Devlin to Kevin Boyle
A44/1/2/3/9Letter to Kevin Boyle from Lars Viklund
A44/1/2/3/15Letter from [David Darfmon] to Kevin Boyle
A44/5/4/1Press cuttings
A44/6/22/11986 Correspondence
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