Person NameQuinn; Bob (1935-); Irish film-maker, writer, and photographer
EpithetIrish film-maker, writer, and photographer
P99/1Box 1
T5/11/529Records of the first Galway Film Fleadh as part of the 12th Galway Arts Festival.
P103/4/1/3/520Typescript letter signed by Bob Quinn, editor of Force 10 , Sligo, to Kilroy, asking for a contribution to the autumn issue, attaching a list of proposed contributions (satirical) - adding a note that Kilroy and Tom Murphy might write about the prevailing anti-intellectualism.
P103/2/11/3/240File of records regarding the Abbey Theatre production of Thomas Kilroy's play The Secret Fall of Constance Wilde , first running during the Dublin Theatre Festival 3 - 18 October 1997, (for revivals in Melbourne and London, see below).
T5Galway Arts Festival
P103/4/1/3/515Holograph letter from film director Cathal Black, Dublin, to Kilroy, proposing that he submit a film script for the coming year's Arts Council award.
P99/1/1/1'Budawanny' Behind the Scenes
P99/1/1/11'The Bishop's Story' Behind the Scenes
T2 - Druid Theatre Company/2/6/428Press Cuttings Dec 1983
T2 - Druid Theatre Company/2/7/431Press Cuttings Mar 1984
P99/1/1/9'The Bishop's Story' Behind the Scenes
P99/1/1/6'Budawanny' Behind the Scenes
P99/1/1/5'Budawanny' Behind the Scenes
P99/1/1/7'Budawanny' Behind the Scenes
P99/1/1/2'Budawanny' Behind the Scenes
P99/1/1/20'Budawanny' Behind the Scenes, and Local Athletics
P99/1/1/13Family images on negatives
P99/2/4Trip to Prague and Portugal
P99/2/2Fleadh Cheoil, Rosmuc pantomime, and filming of 'Detour'
P103/10/2/658Copy of journal Force 10 (Sligo), collected by Thomas Kilroy.
P99/2/2/10Sean-nós dancing
P99/2/2/9Sean-nós dancing
P99/2/1Local and home life
T5/2/18File of typescript correspondence to and from Ollie Jennings, Administrator, Galway Arts Festival, St Mary's Terrace, Galway and various people/groups
P120/1/10/2An Cheathrú Rua Theas
P99/2/2/8Pléaracha 1993
P99/2/2/7P J Quinn, Steve and Betty O'Shaughnessy
P99/2/2/5Eddie Delaney
P99/2/2/4Fleadh Cheoil
P99/2/2/3Fleadh Cheoil
P99/2/2/2Anna Allen, and the Fleadh Cheoil
P99/2/2/12Trá na Reilige crosses
P99/2/2/14Plearacha 1993
P99/2/2/15Section 31
P99/2/2/16Family photographs
P99/2/2/17Evanna O'Boyle
P99/2/2/18Sean-nós dancing, and family photographs
P99/2/2/19Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/20Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/21Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/22Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/23Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/24Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/25Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/26Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/27Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/28Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/29Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/30Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/31Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/32Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/33Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/34Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/35Family holiday photographs
P99/2/2/36Portrait photography
P99/2/2/37Rosmuc pantomime
P99/2/2/38Rosmuc pantomime
P99/2/2/39Rosmuc pantomime
P99/2/2/40Rosmuc pantomime
P99/2/2/41Rosmuc pantomime
P99/2/2/42Scenery in Screebe
P99/2/2/43Scenery on Clifden Road
P99/2/2/44'Detour' film
P99/2/2/45'Detour' film
P99/2/2/46'Detour' film
P99/2/2/51'Detour' film, and family photographs
P99/2/2/50Empty plastic negative sheet
P99/2/2/49Empty plastic negative sheet
P99/2/2/48'Detour' film
P99/2/2/47'Detour' film
P99/2/3/1St Patrick's Day, Carraroe, 1994
P99/2/3/2Seosamh Ó Cuaig, Údarás Elections
P99/2/3/3Seosamh Ó Cuaig, and family photographs
P99/2/3/4Seosamh Ó Cuaig
P99/2/3/5Pól Ó Foighil
P99/2/3/6Seosamh Ó Cuaig, and family photographs
P99/2/3/7Seosamh Ó Cuaig
P99/2/3/8Bog Oak Love
P99/2/3/9Scenery on Inis Meáin
P99/2/3/10Island Ferries Teo.
P99/2/3/11Family photographs
P99/2/3/12Scoil Mhic Dara
P99/2/3/13Leo Moran, Ollie Jennings and Pádraig Breathnach
P99/2/3/14Pléaracha launch 1994
P99/2/3/15Family photographs
P99/2/3/16Family photographs
P99/2/3/17Westport 1966
P99/2/3/18Joan Birthistle, Wicklow
P99/2/3/19Helen Richardson and family photographs
P99/2/3/20Family photographs, test shots
P99/2/3/21Photo experiments
P99/2/3/22Gaelceol Tíre, 1994
P99/2/3/23Gaelceol Tíre, 1994
P99/2/3/24Gaelceol Tíre, 1994
P99/2/3/25Gaelceol Tíre, 1994
P99/2/3/26Sean-nós dancing
P99/2/3/27Údarás Elections
P99/2/3/28Family photographs, and Brian Bourke's Triptych
P99/2/3/29Family photographs
P99/2/3/30Family photographs
P99/2/3/31Drainage project in Tuairín
P99/2/3/32T. C. Rice, Bob Quinn, Robert Quinn, and Suzanne Nicelle
P99/2/3/33T. C. Rice and Malta
P99/2/3/34Dublin city centre and Seana Féistín
P99/2/3/35Roger Doyle, Bob Quinn and Coilín Feeney
P99/2/3/36Family photographs
P99/2/3/37Family photographs
P99/2/3/38Family photographs
P99/2/3/39Family photographs
P99/2/3/40Family photographs
P99/2/3/41Launch of Pléaracha Rosmuc
P99/2/3/42Mis-spelt road-signs
P99/2/3/43Family photographs
P99/2/3/45Muiceaneach women, and family photographs
P99/2/3/46Pléaracha Cill Chiaráin
P99/2/3/47Muiceanach man
P99/2/3/48Test images at home
P99/2/3/49Family photographs
P99/2/3/50Pléaracha 1994
P99/2/3/51Family photographs
P99/2/3/52Noel Phat Mór McDonncha
P99/2/3/53Noel Phat Mór McDonncha
P99/1/1Budawanny / The Bishop's Story
P99/1/2Broadcasting and home life
P99/1/2/1Portrait photograph of Bernie Wyndham
P99/1/2/2'Into the West'
P99/1/2/3Portrait images
P99/1/2/4Portrait images
P99/1/2/5Féile an Dóilín 1987
P99/1/2/6Féile an Dóilín 1987
P99/1/2/8Family photographs
P99/1/2/9Quaternary society and family photographs
P99/1/2/10Éamon de Buitléar tree planting
P99/1/2/11Seosamh O'Cuaig
P99/1/2/12Tír na Fhia
P99/1/2/13'Budawanny' promotion
P99/1/2/14Home life and 'Budawanny'
P99/1/2/15Family photographs
P99/1/2/16Féile an Doilín 1987
P99/1/2/17Scoil Chuimsitheach Chiaráin sports day, and 'Atlantean' promotion
P99/1/2/19Evanna O'Boyle
P99/1/2/20Telifís na Gaeilge 'Pirates in Rosmuc'
P99/1/2/21Telifís na Gaeilge 'Pirates in Rosmuc'
P99/1/2/22Telifís na Gaeilge 'Pirates in Rosmuc', and Johnny Cóil Mhaidhc
P99/1/2/25Family Christmas photographs
P99/1/2/26Family photographs
P99/1/2/27Family photographs
P99/1/2/29Family photographs and Joe Comerford
P99/1/2/30Clare Island
P99/1/2/31Culdaff, Co. Donegal
P99/1/3'Graceville', local and family life
P99/1/3/1Marcus's birthday party
P99/1/3/2Midnight Court - Druid
P99/1/3/3Family Christmas celebrations
P99/1/3/4Family Christmas celebrations
P99/1/3/5Family photographs
P99/1/3/6Johnny Cóil Mhaidhc and family photographs
P99/1/3/11Local children, and portrait of sculptor Edward Delaney
P99/1/3/12Ballyvaughan poetry weekend
P99/1/3/13Family Christmas celebrations
P99/1/3/14Fiddler in the roof
P99/1/3/15Tonor Quinn UCC
P99/1/3/16Edward Delaney
P99/1/3/17Máirtin Broca, Laura Vecchi, and Bob Quinn
P99/1/3/18Landscape at Seana Mhac
P99/1/3/19Retained by family
P99/1/3/21Seana Mhac and Carraroe
P99/1/3/22Family photographs summer
P99/1/3/23Máirtín Jaimsie
P99/1/3/24Seana Mhac
P99/1/3/25Family photoraphs.
P99/1/3/27Robert Quinn
P99/1/3/28Robert Quinn
P99/1/3/29Quinn cousins
P99/1/3/30Family photographs, and Seán Bán Breathnach
P99/1/3/31Brothers of Charity
P99/1/3/32Pilgrimage and Maastricht Treaty
P99/1/3/34School sports day
P99/1/3/35Local community Halloween
P99/1/3/36Family photographs fishing
P99/1/3/37Family photographs
P99/1/3/38Family photographs
P99/1/3/39Family photographs
P99/1/3/40Family photographs
P99/1/4Willie Clancy summer school 1992, Blasket Islanders, local and family life
P99/1/4/1Portrait photographs
P99/1/4/2Muicineach, Martin Duffy and Rachel Martin
P99/1/4/3Tom Sullivan
P99/1/4/6Miriam Allen, Scoil Mhic Dara, and Nora Mogan.
P99/1/4/7Scoil Mhic Dara, Blessing of Tomás Breathnach's shop
P99/1/4/8Joe Colman and Seán Joe McDonnacha fishing
P99/1/4/9Joe Colman and Seán Joe McDonnacha fishing
P99/1/4/10Trá na Reilige, and construction at Coorán Mór
P99/1/4/11Family photographs, and Nora Mogan [Moggan?]
P99/1/4/12McDonncha women
P99/1/4/13McDonncha women
P99/1/4/14Pádraig Ó Mealóid, and family portrait photographs
P99/1/4/15Coorán Beag
P99/1/4/16Willie Clancy summer school
P99/1/4/17Willie Clancy summer school
P99/1/4/18Willie Clancy summer school
P99/1/4/19Willie Clancy summer school
P99/1/4/20Willie Clancy summer school
P99/1/4/21Willie Clancy summer school
P99/1/4/22Willie Clancy summer school
P99/1/4/24Sean-nós dancing
P99/1/4/23Sean-nós dancing
P99/1/4/25Bird, and family photographs
P99/1/4/26Family photographs - Christmas
P99/1/4/27Family photographs - Christmas
P99/1/4/28Local half marathon
P99/1/4/29Family trip to Fota wildlife park
P99/1/4/30Carraroe garden gnome
P99/1/4/31Family photographs and Blasket Islanders
P99/1/4/32Blasket Islanders
P99/1/4/33Blasket Islanders
P99/1/4/34Blasket Islanders
P99/1/4/35Mary Owens
P99/1/4/36Avril Hartrey and Toner Quinn
P99/1/4/37Limestone Biddy
P99/1/4/38Miriam Allen with newborn Marcus
P99/1/4/39Miriam Allen with newborn Marcus
P99/1/4/40Nora Mogan, and family photographs
P99/1/4/42Portrait photographs, and family photographs
P99/1/4/43UCC music room
P99/1/4/44Eimear Delaney
P99/1/4/45Seán Ó Conaire funeral
P99/1/4/46Seán Ó Conaire funeral
P99/1/4/47Seán Ó Conaire funeral, and sports day at Scoil Mhic Dara
P99/1/4/48Claddagh Palace Cinema
P99/1/4/49Scoil Mhic Dara
P99/1/4/50Jimmy Finnerty
P99/1/4/51Tis Meáin
P99/1/4/52Family photographs
P99/1/4/53Family photographs
P99/1/4/54Maidhc Dan and Baba
P99/1/4/55Carraroe school football team
P99/1/4/56Freda Gillan and Bernie Wyndham
P99/1/4/57Alan and Liz Quinn
P99/1/4/58Dana Hearne sketch
P99/1/5/1Sullane recitation
P99/1/5/2Studies in shadow
P99/1/5Rosmuc pantomime, 'Detour', local and family life
P99/1/5/3***Not in folder***
P99/1/5/5Lobster fishing at Cuan Casla
P99/1/5/6Family photographs
P99/1/5/7Aosdána, and family photographs
P99/1/5/8Family photographs featuring Donncha Ó hEallaithe
P99/1/5/9Rosmuc pantomime
P99/1/5/10Rosmuc pantomime
P99/1/5/11Rosmuc pantomime
P99/1/5/12Family birthday party
P99/1/5/13Rosmuc pantomime, and Seán Joe Coleman
P99/1/5/14Mary Iveagh Ui Conghaile, Rosmuc pantomime
P99/1/5/15Family birthday party
P99/1/5/16Rosmuc pantomime
P99/1/5/17Rosmuc pantomime
P99/1/5/18Rosmuc pantomime, and Tomás Bairéad
P99/1/5/19Filming of 'Detour', and family photographs
P99/2/1/2Family photographs
P99/2/1/3Freda Gillan and Miriam Allen
P99/2/1/4Freda Gillan
P99/2/1/5Freda Gillan
P99/2/1/6Freda Gillan
P99/2/1/7Cathal Black, Kevin Liddy and Donal Gilligan
P99/2/1/8Trá na Reilige
P99/2/1/9Stills of TV set
P99/2/1/10Holiday Lisbon
P99/2/1/11Holiday in Lisbon
P99/2/1/12Holiday in Lisbon
P99/2/1/13Circus in Carraroe
P99/2/1/17Family photographs
P99/2/1/18Donal McCann
P99/2/1/19Note to say retained by family
P99/2/1/20Note to say retained by family
P99/2/1/21Miriam Allen
P99/2/1/22Not in folder
P99/2/1/23Family photographs
P99/2/1/24Family photographs
P99/2/1/25Seosamh Ó Cuaig, and family photographs
P99/2/1/26Scoil Chuimsitheach sports day
P99/2/1/27Scoil Chuimsitheach sports day
P99/2/1/28Scoil Chuimsitheach Athletics team
P99/2/1/29Connacht school athletics
P99/2/1/30All-Ireland school athletics competition
P99/2/1/31Miriam Allen and Freda Gillan
P99/2/1/32Susan Flaherty
P99/2/1/33Susan Flaherty
P99/2/1/34Reefer and the Model
P99/2/1/35Miriam Allen and Freda Gillan
P99/2/1/36Maam Cross
P99/2/1/37Family photographs, at Pearse's Cottage
P99/2/1/38Bog cotton
P99/2/1/39Bairbre and Toner Quinn
P99/2/1/40Jay Murphy, and family photographs
P99/2/1/41The Wyndham sisters, and Bob Quinn
P99/2/4/1Jazz quartet, Prague
P99/2/4/11Portugal streetscapes
P99/2/4/10Portugal streetscapes
P99/2/4/9Portugal streetscapes
P99/2/4/8Portugal streetscapes
P99/2/4/7Portugal streetscapes
P99/2/4/6Prague streetscapes
P99/2/4/5Prague streetscapes
P99/2/4/4Puppeteer, Prague
P99/2/4/3Prague show and busker
P99/2/4/2Jazz Quartet, Prague
P99/2/4/12Portugal streetscapes
P99/2/4/13Portugal streetscapes
P99/2/4/14Portugal streetscapes
P99/2/4/15Portugal streetscapes
P99/2/4/16Portugal images
P99/2/4/17Portugal images
P99/2/4/18Portugal images
P99/2/5/2Bairbre Quinn
P99/2/5/3Marcus Quinn and friends
P99/2/5/4Marcus Quinn and friends
P99/2/5/5Marcus Quinn and friends
P99/2/5/6Miriam Allen
P99/2/5/7Karen Kenny, An Dámhlann
P99/2/5/8Karen Kenny, An Dámhlann
P99/2/5/9Still Lives - bog oak
P99/2/5/10Still Lives - bog oak
P99/2/5/11Marcus Quinn and friends
P99/2/5/12Test photos
P99/2/5/13Desmond Fennell
P99/2/5/14Marcus Quinn
P99/2/5/15Billy Conway and kids
P99/2/5/16Marcus Quinn and friend
P99/2/5/17Muiris Ó Scannaill, and Daniel Cohen with his family
P99/2/5/18Muiris Ó Scannaill, and Daniel Cohen with his family
P99/2/5/19Marcus Quinn with Una Buna, the goat
P99/2/5/20Miriam Allen
P99/2/5/21Loch a Mhuillinn, and Declan White
P99/2/5/22Horse fair at Maam, Johnny Mháirtín Learaí, and Larry Feinneadha
P99/2/5/23Seosamh Mac an Iomaire, Halloween at Tígh Darby, and horse fair at Maam Cross
P99/2/5/25Máire Halpin birthday
P99/2/5/26Meta Ni Mháille or Rosmuc, Cáitlin Ní Cualain, and Donncha Ó hEallaithe
P99/2/5/27Photographs taken in France
P99/2/5/28Photographs taken in France
P99/2/6Oyster festival in Rosmuc, sean nós dancing, Pléaracha 1995, images from 'Conamara, An Tír Aneoil'
P99/2/6/1Family photographs
P99/2/6/2Horse fair at Maam Cross
P99/2/6/3Ciara O'Brien
P99/2/6/4Halloween Party at Tígh Darby's
P99/2/6/5Féile na n-óisrí, oyster festival in Rosmuc
P99/2/6/6Féile na n-óisrí, oyster festival in Rosmuc
P99/2/6/7Féile na n-óisrí, oyster festival in Rosmuc
P99/2/6/8Féile na n-óisrí, oyster festival in Rosmuc
P99/2/6/9Sean-nós dancing
P99/2/6/10Filming, and photographs at home
P99/2/6/11Family photographs
P99/2/6/12Filming, and photographs at home
P99/2/6/13Sean-nós dancing
P99/2/6/14Sean-nós dancing
P99/2/6/15Sean-nós dancing, and family photographs
P99/2/6/16Sean-nós dancing
P99/2/6/17Pléaracha 1995
P99/2/6/18Launch of Johnny Cóil Mhaidhc O’Coisdealbha book
P99/2/6/20Toner Quinn and Brian O'Shea playing music
P99/2/6/21Pléaracha 1995
P99/2/6/22Pléaracha 1995
P99/2/6/28Malachy Burke, and family photographs
P99/2/6/29Pléaracha office
P99/2/6/31Inis Oírr, and Pléaracha Rosmuc
P99/2/6/32Irish Chamber Orchestra on Inis Oírr
P99/2/6/33John William Seoighe, Tim Fleming, and family photographs
P99/2/6/34Seán John Darach of Rosmuc, and family photographs
P99/2/6/35Family photographs and 1995 Film Fleadh
P99/2/6/38Retained by family
P99/2/6/39Music at An Cistin
P99/2/6/40Family photographs
P99/2/6/41Family photographs on Achill Island
P99/2/6/42Edward Delaney and Eimear Delaney
P99/2/6/43Garden sculptures by Edward Delaney
P99/2/6/44Scoil Mhuire an Tuairín, Primary School photos
P99/2/6/45Landscape, and Bob Quinn
P99/2/6/46Moored boats and currachs
P99/2/6/47Boats docked at Taidhg's port
P99/2/6/48Landscape photographs
P99/2/6/49Sports Day at Tuairín National School
P99/2/6/50Family photographs
P99/2/6/51Leitir Mór
P99/2/6/52Leitir Mór
P99/2/6/53Rod Stoneman and family
P99/2/6/57Fionnuala Ní Eidhin
P99/2/6/58Buskers, and Joe McMahon
P99/2/6/59Michael Rudd, Katerina, and Marcus Quinn
P99/2/6/60Bob Quinn self portrait
P99/2/6/61Miriam Allen with Christy White and Rosemary [ ]
P99/2/6/62Christy White
P99/2/6/63Rachel Martin and Martin Duffy, and family photographs
P99/2/6/64Grattan Healy, Rachel Martin and Martin Duffy
P99/2/6/65Toner Quinn playing music, and family photographs
P99/2/6/66Family photographs
P99/2/6/67Portrait style family photographs
P99/2/6/68Buskers, and Joe McMahon
P99/2/6/69Toner Quinn and Robbie Hannon
P99/2/6/70Tonor Quinn and Robbie Hannon
P99/2/6/71Nora Grealish
P99/2/6/72Opening of film centre in Cluain Mhuire
P99/2/6/73Family photographs
P99/2/6/74MacDonagh family, and Áras Mac Dara
P99/2/6/76Portrait photographs - Conamara An Tír Aineoil
P99/3/1Portrait images for 'Conamara, An Tír Aineoil'
P99/3/2Portrait images for 'Conamara, An Tír Aineoil', and images from the Rosmuc pantomime
P99/3/3Portrait images for 'Conamara, An Tír Aineoil'
P99/3/4Pléaracha Rosmuc, Rosmuc pantomime, St Patrick's day parade, and family life
P99/3/5Oyster Festival Rosmuc, Pléaracha 1997, Tatarstan, and family photographs
P99/3/6Pléaracha 1996, Russia, Cinemobile, Oyster Festival, The Síbín, Raidió na Gaeltachta, Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta
P99/3/1/4Eddie Bhearthaí and Stiofán Ó Cuaráin
P99/3/1/3Muintir Chonamara - photographs of local Connemara people
P99/3/1/2Muintir Chonamara - photographs of local Connemara people
P99/3/1/5Muintir Chonamara - photographs of local Connemara people
P99/3/1/6Cáit Ní Mháinnín
P99/3/1/7Potato ridges, Tom a' tSeoighe
P99/3/1/8Joe Molloy / Seosamh Ó Maoldhia, and self-portrait of Bob Quinn
P99/3/1/9Maidhco Sáile Ó Fhaithearta
P99/3/1/10Live music
P99/3/1/1Pat Jennings, Baba Bailey, Marcus Quinn
P99/3/1/11Sarah Grealish and Seán John Darach, Dermot Nestor
P99/3/1/12Máire Ní Dhonnacha, and Alanna O'Kelly
P99/3/1/13Johnny Connolly, Liam O'Hara and Toner Quinn session
P99/3/1/14Johnny and Barbara [Baba] Bailey [Báille] and family
P99/3/1/15Micheál Mac Donnacha [Maidhc Phapaí], and Máirtín Tom Sheánín
P99/3/1/16Séamus Ó Cualáin, and Réamonn Jimmy Mac Donncha
P99/3/1/17Bina McLoughlin
P99/3/1/18Bina McLoughlin
P99/3/1/19Pléaracha Rosmuc, and Séamus Devaney
P99/3/1/20Máirtin Cóilín Seoighe / Martin Joyce
P99/3/1/21Réamonn Jimmy Mac Donncha, and set-dancing
P99/3/1/22Set dancing, and Cáit Ní Mháinnín
P99/3/1/23Séamus Ó Cualáin, and Nioclás [Nicko] Ó Conchubhuir
P99/3/1/24Treasa Ní Mhiolláin and Bríd, Bean Uí Dhireáin
P99/3/1/25Treasa Ní Mhiolláin, and set-dancing
P99/3/1/26Seán Mac Dhonncha, and 'The Boy from Mercury'
P99/3/1/27'The Boy from Mercury'
P99/3/1/28Johnny Connolly and Liam O'Hara, and Dermot Nestor's artwork
P99/3/1/29Oonagh Crowley, Meta Ní Mháille, and Ruairí Ó Conghaile
P99/3/1/30Family photographs, John William Seoighe, and John Sheáin Dharach Seoighe
P99/3/2/1Dara Beag Ó Fatharta
P99/3/2/2Dara Beag Ó Fatharta
P99/3/2/3Cóilín Hernon
P99/3/2/4Joe Steve Ó Neachtain
P99/3/2/5Joe Steve Ó Neachtain
P99/3/2/6Nora Grealish
P99/3/2/7Coiste Galfmara
P99/3/2/8Coiste Galfmara
P99/3/2/9Nan Grealish
P99/3/2/10Nan Grealish
P99/3/2/11Nan Grealish, Joe Joe Ridge, and Máirtín Mac Donnacha
P99/3/2/12Roger Doyle and Mary Connolly
P99/3/2/13Rosmuc Geamaireacht (pantomime)
P99/3/2/14Rosmuc Geamaireacht (pantomime) and Róisín Ní Mháinnín
P99/3/2/15Rosmuc Geamaireacht (pantomime)
P99/3/2/16Dara Ó Conaola and "Rogue's Gallery"
P99/3/2/17Set dancing at An Cistin
P99/3/2/18Seosamh Ó Cuaig
P99/3/2/19Eddie Bheartlaí, and the McDonnchas
P99/3/2/20Siobhán Nee, Seán Bán Breathnach, Peadar Tommy, Cis Mháirtín Chumuin, and Miriam Allen
P99/3/2/21Joy Murphy, Johnny and Baba Bailey, and Pat Jennings
P99/3/2/22Tess Conghaile, Kit Flaherty, and Phádraig Phat Tom
P99/3/2/23Learaí Ó Feimaidhe, and Tomás Mac Eoin's sister (un-named)
P99/3/2/24Nan Phaddy and Tom, and Neáirt Curraoin
P99/3/2/25Johnny Máirtín Learaí, Bairbre Phat Mhór and Dara Bhán
P99/3/2/26Josie Sheáin Jack and Joe John Mac an Iomaire
P99/3/2/27Coilín John Seoighe and Mary Iveagh
P99/3/2/28Festy Conlon
P99/3/2/29Festy Conlon, Seán Ó Conghaile, Maidhc Ó Cualán
P99/3/2/30Sonny Chóilín Learaí, and Máirtín
P99/3/3/1Pádraig Bradley
P99/3/3/2Máire Joe Coleman
P99/3/3/3Diarmaid Mac an Adhastair, and Eimear Gillen / Delaney
P99/3/3/4Johnny Cóil Mhaidhc
P99/3/3/5Tom (Sally) Ó Flatharta, and Donncha Ó hEalaithe
P99/3/3/6Reggie Hannon
P99/3/3/7Tom (Sally) Ó Flatharta, and Maidhc Ceannabháin
P99/3/3/8Jimmy Bheairtle Ó Fátharta and Siobhán Ní Conghaile
P99/3/3/9Tom Phaddy and Tom Bheairtle
P99/3/3/10The Grealish family
P99/3/3/11The Grealish family, Micheál Mháire an Ghabha, and Máire an Ghabha (Bean Uí Cheannabháin)
P99/3/3/12Bairbre Phat Mór Mhic Dhonncha, and Tomás Mac Eoin
P99/3/3/13 Micheál Mháire an Ghabha, and Máire an Ghabha (Bean Uí Cheannabháin)
P99/3/3/14Cóil Learaí Ó Fínneadha
P99/3/3/15Áine Ní Dubhain, and Pádraic Ceannabháin
P99/3/4/1Pléaracha Open Day
P99/3/4/2Kenny Gallery
P99/3/4/3Retained by Quinn family
P99/3/4/4Tom Bheairtle Tom Ó Flatharta
P99/3/4/5Cáit Ní Mhainín
P99/3/4/6Raymond Allen
P99/3/4/7Christy White, Owen Durkan
P99/3/4/8Seán Mac Donncha
P99/3/4/9Family Christmas photographs
P99/3/4/10Retained by Quinn family
P99/3/4/11Family portrait
P99/3/4/12Family photographs, and wrenboys
P99/3/4/13Retained by Quinn family
P99/3/4/14Emer Delaney
P99/3/4/15Tuairín national school, singing
P99/3/4/16Scenic photographs of Rosmuc
P99/3/4/17Scenic photographs of Rosmuc
P99/3/4/18Eimear Delaney
P99/3/4/19Negatives of scenic images
P99/3/4/20Marcus Quinn birthday party
P99/3/4/21Rosmuc pantomime
P99/3/4/22Rosmuc pantomime
P99/3/4/23Photographic workshops
P99/3/4/24Photographic workshops
P99/3/4/25Caitríona Ní Chonaola
P99/3/4/26Sculptures by Edward Delaney
P99/3/4/27Den TV
P99/3/4/28St Patrick's Day, Carraroe Parade
P99/3/4/29St Patrick's Day, Carraroe Parade
P99/3/4/30Martin Duffy, baby daughter
P99/3/4/31Ceefor, the cat
P99/3/4/33Family photographs, and session with John Sheáin Dharach Seoighe
P99/3/4/34Pléaracha Rosmuc
P99/3/4/35Pléaracha Rosmuc
P99/3/4/36Emma Allen communion portraits
P99/3/4/38Communion photographs, and Maggie Scanlon's car
P99/3/4/39Restricted access
P99/3/4/40Test images
P99/3/4/41Test images
P99/3/4/42Test images
P99/3/4/43Family photographs, and Post Office group
P99/3/4/44Charlottesville, Virginia
P99/3/4/45Charlottesville, Virginia, and Leitir Mór
P99/3/4/46Downtown St. Louis
P99/3/4/47St Louis, Saarinen Arch
P99/3/4/48Memphis and Nashville
P99/3/4/49Christman family
P99/3/4/50Bill Christman
P99/3/4/51Charlottesville, Virginia
P99/3/4/52Gateway / Saarinan Arch, St. Louis
P99/3/4/53Máirín and P J Quinn, and Nora Lee
P99/3/4/54Sheet with-held by Quinn family
P99/3/4/55Sports Day, Carraroe
P99/3/4/56Picnic, Coral Strand
P99/3/4/58Family photographs
P99/3/4/59Family photographs
P99/3/4/60An Maighdean Mara, and Martin Duffy
P99/3/4/61The Boy from Mercury award, and Martin Duffy
P99/3/4/62Martin Duffy
P99/3/4/63Joe Comerford, TnaG, and family photographs
P99/3/4/64TnaG and Féile Caladh Thadhg
P99/3/4/65Christman sculptures, and the TnaG building
P99/3/5/1Sligo and Gweedore
P99/3/5/2Christmas 1997
P99/3/5/3Christmas 1997
P99/3/5/6Circus in Carraroe
P99/3/5/7Síbín and Oysters in Rosmuc
P99/3/5/8Oyster Festival, Rosmuc
P99/3/5/9Oyster Festival, Rosmuc
P99/3/5/10Family photographs, and Tree-Day at the local national school
P99/3/5/11Pléaracha pantomime
P99/3/5/12Pléaracha pantomime
P99/3/5/13Mick Hanly
P99/3/5/14Family and friends
P99/3/5/16Portrait photographs for Gael Media
P99/3/5/17P Ó Flatharta
P99/3/5/18Family photographs
P99/3/5/19Pléaracha, sean-nós dancing
P99/3/5/20Not in folder
P99/3/5/21RTÉ Rugby Team
P99/3/5/22Gradam an Pléaracha
P99/3/5/23Not in folder
P99/3/5/24Not in folder
P99/3/5/26Rosmuc Americans visiting
P99/3/5/27Patrún Bantrach
P99/3/5/30Tatarstan and Volga
P99/3/5/33Owen Durcan and family photographs
P99/3/6/1Family photographs
P99/3/6/2Not in folder
P99/3/6/3Retained by Quinn family
P99/3/6/4Not in folder
P99/3/6/5Sean-nós dancing, Pléaracha
P99/3/6/6Sean-nós dancing, Pléaracha
P99/3/6/7Sean-nós dancing, Pléaracha
P99/3/6/8Pléaracha, singing
P99/3/6/9Pléaracha, singing
P99/3/6/10Pléaracha, singing
P99/3/6/11Retained by Quinn family
P99/3/6/12Pléaracha, band
P99/3/6/13Pléaracha, curachs
P99/3/6/14Blessing of Telifís na Gaeilge
P99/3/6/15Moscow and Tatarstan
P99/3/6/16Moscow and Tatarstan
P99/3/6/17Moscow and Tatarstan
P99/3/6/20Retained by Quinn family
P99/3/6/21Retained by Quinn family
P99/3/6/22Retained by Quinn family
P99/3/6/23Retained by Quinn family
P99/3/6/30Pantomime, Rosmuc
P99/3/6/25Opening Night of Teilifís na Gaeilge
P99/3/6/26Not in folder
P99/3/6/27Tomás Ó Manacáin retirement
P99/3/6/28Tomás Ó Manacáin retirement
P99/3/6/29Pádraig Mc Donncha
P99/3/6/24Oyster Festival, Rosmuc
P99/3/6/31Raidió na Gaeltachta
P99/3/6/32Pantomime, Rosmuc
P99/3/6/34Retained by Quinn family
P99/3/6/35Retained by Quinn family
P99/3/6/36Empty envelope
P99/3/6/37Simon O'Dwyer, Pádraic Ó Neachtain
P99/3/6/38Brian Kennedy
P99/3/6/39Retained by Quinn family
P99/3/6/40The Fallen Angels
P99/3/6/41Dolores Keane, John Faulkner
P99/3/6/42Family photographs
P99/3/6/43Retained by Quinn family
P99/3/6/44The Síbín
P99/3/6/45The Síbín
P99/3/6/46The Síbín
P99/3/6/47The Síbín
P99/3/6/48The Síbín
P99/3/6/49The Síbín
P99/3/6/50The Síbín
P99/3/6/51The Síbín
P99/3/6/52The Síbín and family photographs
P99/3/6/53Niall Tóibín, Paula Foley, Bernie Wyndham
P99/3/6/54Desmond Fennell
P99/3/6/55The Síbín
P99/3/6/56The Síbín
P99/3/6/57The Síbín
P99/3/6/58The Síbín, Nan Finnerty, and Bob Quinn
P99/3/6/60Not in folder
P99/3/6/61-67Note in folder
P99/3/6/68The Síbín
P99/3/6/69The Síbín
P99/3/6/7025 years of Raidió na Gaeltachta
P99/3/6/71Family photographs
P99/3/6/72Rosmuc Cumas Teo.
P99/3/6/73Rosmuc Cumas Teo.
P99/3/6/74Carraroe Cubs
P99/3/6/75Johnny Connolly, Noel Hill, Máirtín Jaimsie
P99/3/6/76Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta
P99/3/6/77Family photographs
P99/3/6/78Carraroe GAA Juniors and family photographs
P99/3/6/79Eddie Delaney scupture, and Joe Comerford and family
P99/3/6/80Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta
P99/3/6/81Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta
P99/4/1Local and home life, trip to India
P99/4/1/32Mám Éan picnic, and Pádraigín Beag Ó Súilleabháin
P99/4/1/31Foireann Cumas, Rosmuc, Chrissie Toole
P99/4/1/30Foireann Cumas
P99/4/1/29Photographs taken at Corr na Móna Vocational Educational Centre
P99/4/1/28Buaile Cheoinín
P99/4/1/27Scoil Cuimsitheach, and Pádraic Ó Conghaile
P99/4/1/26Piaras Ó Gaora
P99/4/1/25Scenery in Mám, Tommy Ceven, Seán Leainde
P99/4/1/24Leaba Phádraig / St. Patrick's bed, Mám Éan
P99/4/1/23Leaba Phádraig / St. Patrick's bed, Mám Éan
P99/4/1/22Note to say retained by family
P99/4/1/21St Patrick's Day parade, Galway city 1998
P99/4/1/20Not in folder
P99/4/1/19Comórtas na n-amhrán nuachumtha
P99/4/1/18Comórtas na n-amhrán nuachumtha
P99/4/1/17Comórtas na n-amhrán nuachumtha
P99/4/1/16Comórtas na n-amhrán nuachumtha
P99/4/1/15Brendan Carroll
P99/4/1/14Family photographs
P99/4/1/13Water scheme pipes, images from India
P99/4/1/3Note to say retained by family
P99/4/1/2T-max test shots
P99/4/1/1Family photographs
P99/4/2Local people, Féile Béal an Daingin 1998, Pléaracha 1998
P99/4/2/34Youth production of Hamlet
P99/4/2/33Tígh Darby, Pléaracha
P99/4/2/32The Saw Doctors at Tigh Darby
P99/4/2/31The Saw Doctors at Tigh Darby
P99/4/2/30Sean-nós dancing, Pléaracha
P99/4/2/29Sean-nós dancing, Pléaracha, and wedding
P99/4/2/28Pléaracha 1998
P99/4/2/27Liz Greene
P99/4/2/26Note to say retained by family
P99/4/2/25Note to say retained by family
P99/4/2/24Liffey, Model Arts Centre Sligo, and family photographs
P99/4/2/23Desmond Fennell, and family photographs
P99/4/2/22Young children, portraits
P99/4/2/21Galway Film Fleadh 1998
P99/4/2/20An Tónaí - launch
P99/4/2/19Family photographs
P99/4/2/18Donal McCann
P99/4/2/17Ellen Florence
P99/4/2/16Féile Béal an Daingin
P99/4/2/15Féile Béal an Daingin
P99/4/2/14Féile Béal an Daingin
P99/4/2/13Féile Béal an Daingin
P99/4/2/12Féile Béal an Daingin
P99/4/2/11Family photographs
P99/4/2/10Home photographs
P99/4/2/8Raymond Allen
P99/4/2/7Paul McGrath's testimonial match
P99/4/2/6Donal McCann portrait, Special Olympics parade
P99/4/2/5Family photographs
P99/4/2/4Patsy Molloy and family, Inis Treabhair
P99/4/2/3Molloy family, Inis Treabhair
P99/4/2/2Family photographs
P99/4/2/1Inis Treabhair
P99/4/3Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/26Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/25Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/24Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/23Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/22Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/21Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/20Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/19Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/18Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/17Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/16Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/15Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/14Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/13Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/12Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/11Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/10Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/9Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/8Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/7Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/6Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/5Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/4Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/3Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/2Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/3/1Lady Dudley photo collection
P99/4/4Local and home life, Geamaireacht Rosmuc, St. Patrick's Day Carraroe 1999
P99/4/5Local and home life, Pléaracha 1999, trip to Morocco
P99/4/6Raidió na Gaeltachta 25th anniversary, local photographs
P99/5/1Local and home life, Pléaracha 2000-2001
P99/5/1/1Halla Darby and family boat
P99/5/1/2Wedding of Tom and Sarah Collins
P99/5/1/3Family photographs
P99/5/1/4Note to say sheet retained by family
P99/5/1/5St Patrick's Day, Carraroe, 2000
P99/5/1/6Sean Scoil Ealaíonna
P99/5/1/7Bob Quinn tribute at The Sibín
P99/5/1/8Noel Phat Mór transport
P99/5/1/9Turf loading, Seana Féistín
P99/5/1/10Sheet retained by family
P99/5/1/11Sheet retained by family
P99/5/1/12Carraroe flora
P99/5/1/13Carraroe flora
P99/5/1/14Josie Cook, Údarás Elections
P99/5/1/15Sheet retained by family
P99/5/1/16Sheet retained by family
P99/5/1/17Tuairín House
P99/5/1/18Disco at Tigh Josie
P99/5/1/19Agidir, Morocco
P99/5/1/20Wedding photographs
P99/5/1/21Wedding photographs
P99/5/1/22Wedding photographs
P99/5/1/23Wedding photographs
P99/5/1/24Wedding photographs
P99/5/1/25Wedding photographs
P99/5/1/26Wedding photographs
P99/5/1/27Negative images, unclear
P99/5/1/28Boat group
P99/5/1/29Negative images, unclear
P99/5/1/30Caoimhin Mac Cathmhaol
P99/5/1/31Music at The Quays
P99/5/1/32Music at The Quays
P99/5/1/33Junior Hurling team, Jeanne Crowley, Gertrude Degenhardt
P99/5/1/34Family photographs
P99/5/1/35Family photographs
P99/5/1/36Pléaracha 2000
P99/5/1/37Pléaracha 2000
P99/5/1/38Family photographs
P99/5/1/39Sheet retained by family
P99/5/1/40S.C.C. Féile na Mílaoise
P99/5/1/41Sean-nós dancing class
P99/5/1/42School production, Scoil Chuimsitheach Chiaráin
P99/5/1/43School production, Scoil Chuimsitheach Chiaráin
P99/5/1/44School production, Scoil Chuimsitheach Chiaráin
P99/5/1/45Oíche Damhsa
P99/5/1/46School production
P99/5/1/47Winter swim, Trá an Dóilín
P99/5/1/48Family photographs
P99/5/1/49Family photographs
P99/5/1/50Family photographs
P99/5/1/51Family photographs
P99/5/1/52Family photographs
P99/5/1/53Family photographs
P99/5/1/54Hunger Strikers' Memorial
P99/5/1/55Meath and Westmeath
P99/5/1/56Family photographs
P99/5/1/58Hunger Strikers' Memorial
P99/5/1/59Hunger Strikers' Memorial and Cinemobile
P99/5/1/60Hunger Strikers' Memorial
P99/5/1/61Naoinire, Tuairín and wedding photographs
P99/5/1/62Hunger Strikers' Memorial
P99/5/1/63Pléaracha 2001
P99/5/1/64Pléaracha 2001
P99/5/1/65Water quality protest - Carraroe
P99/5/1/66Water quality protest - Carraroe
P99/5/2Pléaracha 2001, Hunger Strikers' Memorial visit, traditional Irish music
P99/5/2/1Sheet with captions
P99/5/2/2Family photographs
P99/5/2/3Family photographs
P99/5/2/4Race Week, Galway
P99/5/2/5Hunger Strikers' Memorial, and Galway Races
P99/5/2/6Hunger Strikers' Memorial, and family photographs
P99/5/2/7Hunger Strikers' Memorial, and de Bhaldraithe portraits
P99/5/2/8Pléaracha, prize-giving
P99/5/2/9Hunger Strikers' Memorial, and Pléaracha 2001
P99/5/2/10Pléaracha 2001
P99/5/2/11Pléaracha 2001
P99/5/2/12Sean-nós dancing at Tigh Cualainn
P99/5/2/13Comórtas Tom Pháidín
P99/5/2/14Comórtas Tom Pháidín
P99/5/2/15Joe Coleman party
P99/5/2/16Seán Joe Coleman and currach
P99/5/2/17Family photographs
P99/5/2/18Caitríona Ní Ceannabháin and set dancing
P99/5/2/19TG4 and family photographs
P99/5/2/20Family photographs
P99/5/2/21Empty negative pocket
P99/5/2/24Family photographs
P99/5/3Making of 'Poitín' (film), photographs from Áras Mhic Dara, and local photographs
P99/5/3/2'Poitín' behind the scenes
P99/5/3/3'Poitín' behind the scenes
P99/5/3/4'Poitín' behind the scenes
P99/5/3/5'Poitín' behind the scenes
P99/5/3/6Making of 'Atlantean'
P99/5/3/8Family photographs
P99/5/3/9Photographs in Dublin
P99/5/3/10Family photographs
P99/5/3/11Family photographs
P99/5/3/12Family photographs
P99/5/3/13Family photographs
P99/5/3/14Family photographs
P99/5/3/16Family photographs
P99/5/3/17Family photographs
P99/5/3/18Funeral and local people
P99/5/3/19Pléaracha workshop
P99/5/3/20Sonny Ban Mac Donnacha, Mary McAleese, and family photographs
P99/5/3/212002 General Election
P99/5/3/222002 General Election
P99/5/3/23Portraits, Áras Mhic Dara
P99/5/3/24Portraits, Áras Mhic Dara
P99/5/3/25Portraits, Áras Mhic Dara
P99/5/3/26Portraits, Áras Mhic Dara
P99/5/3/27Portraits and artefacts
P99/5/3/28Portraits, Áras Mhic Dara
P99/5/3/29Dermot Nestor sculpture
P99/5/3/30Aoife Ní Tuairisc
P99/5/3/31Coisde Ros a Mhíl
P99/5/3/32Johnny Connolly, accordion
P99/5/4Féile Béal an Daingin 2002, West of Ireland regattas, Clonbur Day Centre
P99/5/4/1Féile Béal an Daingin
P99/5/4/2Féile Béal an Daingin
P99/5/4/3Currachs, sail boats, and a football team
P99/5/4/4Féile Béal an Daingin - Tigh Darby
P99/5/4/5Féile Béal an Daingin
P99/5/4/6Cuigéal regatta
P99/5/4/7Roundstone regatta
P99/5/4/8Cuigéal regatta
P99/5/4/9Thatchers, Carraroe
P99/5/4/10Seoighes rowing, and Inchagoill
P99/5/4/11Family photographs on the Corrib
P99/5/4/12Family photographs
P99/5/4/13Sail boats, Kinvara
P99/5/4/14Portraits - Clonbur Day Centre
P99/5/4/15Béal an Daingin and Cuan na Loinge
P99/5/4/16Portraits - Clonbur Day Centre
P99/5/4/17Portraits - Clonbur Day Centre
P99/5/4/18Clonbur Day Centre
P99/5/4/19Sailing at Tír an Fhia
P99/5/4/20Sailing at Tír an Fhia
P99/5/4/21Sailing at Tír an Fhia
P99/5/4/22Tom Terry, and sailing at Tír an Fhia
P99/5/4/23Session at Tigh Hughes
P99/5/4/24Caladh Thaidhg
P99/5/4/25Mass at Trá na Reilige
P99/5/4/26Caladh Thaidhg, and Fr Eddie Bheartlaí
P99/5/4/27Mass at Trá na Reilige
P99/5/4/28Various 1960s
P99/5/4/29Heather Lea
P99/5/5Pléaracha 2002, Nice referendum, anti-war protest
P99/5/5/1Individual portraits
P99/5/5/3Individual portraits
P99/5/5/4Individual portraits, and behind the scenes 'Dead Bodies'
P99/5/5/5Behind the scenes of 'Dead Bodies'
P99/5/5/6Nice referendum, TG4
P99/5/5/7Family photographs
P99/5/5/8Pléaracha Chonamara, 2002
P99/5/5/9Nice referendum
P99/5/5/10Sheet retained by family
P99/5/5/11Sheet retained by family
P99/5/5/12Sheet retained by family
P99/5/5/13Sheet retained by family
P99/5/5/14Sheet retained by family
P99/5/5/15Nice referendum
P99/5/5/16Tom Terry and family
P99/5/5/17Tom Terry and family
P99/5/5/18Family photographs
P99/5/5/19Anti-war protest
P99/5/5/20Céide Fields
P99/5/5/21Céide Fields
P99/5/6Paris, Roundstone regatta, local photographs
P99/5/6/1Paris and Berlin
P99/5/6/9Family photographs
P99/5/6/10Roundstone regatta
P99/5/6/11Family photographs
P99/5/6/12Family photographs
P99/5/6/13Roundstone regatta and Contempo quartet
P99/5/6/14Family photographs
P99/5/6/15Family photographs
P99/5/6/16Family photographs
P99/5/6/17Family photographs
P99/5/6/18Family photographs
P99/5/6/19Geological survey of Ireland
P99/5/6/21Seosamh Ó Cuaig and family photographs
P99/5/6/22Scoil Chuimsitheach Drama
P99/5/6/23Family photographs
P99/5/6/24Fishing protest
P99/5/7Folder of mostly family photographs
P99/5/7/1Family photographs
P99/5/7/2Family photographs
P99/5/7/3Jacob / Shannon
P99/5/7/6Family photographs - Christmas
P99/5/7/7Desmond Fennell
P99/5/7/8Family photographs - debs
P99/5/7/9Helen Walsh
P99/5/7/10Milton Keynes and Oxford
P99/5/7/11Basil Payne
P99/5/7/12Family photographs
P99/5/7/13Family photographs - debs
P99/5/7/14Family photographs
P99/5/7/15Water-based scenery
P99/5/7/16Old maps
P99/5/7/17Photgraphic prints, workmen on roads
P99/5/7/18Galwegians prize-giving
P99/5/7/19Family photographs
P99/5/7/25Boat trip - Shannon, and family wedding
P99/5/7/26Donal Ridge, and widgeons
P99/5/7/27Family photographs
P99/5/7/28Family photographs
P99/5/7/29Family photographs
P99/5/7/30Galway Youth Orchestra
P99/5/7/31Family photographs
P99/5/7/32Group outside Town Hall Theatre, Galway
P99/5/7/33Family photographs
P99/5/7/34Family photographs
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