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DescriptionFile of letters between members of Article 19 staff and Board and numerous other groups and individuals. Correspondants include Prof. Kevin Boyle and various others including a statament/memo regarding a change of Director at Article 19 following Boyle's departure; the Arab Lawyers Union; the Committee to Protect Journlaists; Northern Ireland Abortion Law Reform Assocation; the Campaign Against Repression in Iran; Lawyers for Human Rights; Phillip Spender, Index on Censorship; Freedom for Prisoners of Conscience in the Arab World; Ivan Topping, University of Ulster; Prof. Bhikhu Parekh; Sue Curry Jansen; Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International; Roland Dumas, Ministere Des Affairs Etrangeres, France; Peter Cadogan, the Gandhi Foundation; Sue Furman, the Anne Frank Institute of Philadelphia; Philip Dampier, Producer, TVS Productions; Lance Lindblom, President, the J.Roderick MacArthir Foundation, Illinois, thanking Boyle on a personal and professional level and in detail for his contribution as Director of Article 19 (17 Jul 1989); Soli Sorabjee, New Dehli; Conor O'Cleary, Irish Times Correspondant, Moscow; Frances D'Souza, the successive Director of Article 19; Deng Xiaoping, Chairman, Central Military Commission, Beijing; Belina Crothers, Institute of Advanced Studies, London; Prof. J. Rosner, Vienna; Geoffrey Palmer, Prime Minister of New Zealand; Prof. Rosalyn Higgins, London School of Economics and Political Science, dicussing Boyle's move to University of Essex and his ideas and concerns around the move. (20 Dec 1989) and a letter from Nicholas Canny, Detartment of History, University College Galway, to Boyle and saying "needless to say you are sadly missed in Galway....the loss of [Thomas] Kilroy is now a further [holy] blow to the Humanaties/Social Sciences side of the Galway enterprise....and continues to describe in detail the current conditions on campus in Galway and in Irish education system as opposed to American examples, teaching and research work loads and other such issues. ( 15 Dec 1989).
Typed document by Boyle to Francis De Souza re. edits to book (1989)
DateJun - Dec 1989
Extent1 file
CodePersonNameDatesParallel forms of name
DS/UK/32Boyle; Kevin (1943-2010); Human Rights activist, barrister, lecturer.1943-2010
DS/UK/33Kilroy; Thomas (1934-); Irish playwright and novelist1934-
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