Ref NoA44/4/10/8
TitleCorrespondence with Bernadette Devlin McAlliskey
DescriptionFile of letters between Kevin Boyle and Bernadette Devlin McAliskey, including MS letter from McAliskey, "Dear Kevin, ever the champion of unpopular causes. . ." and encloses a letter from the wife of Dominic McGlinchey asking Boyle to attend the appeal case hearing of McGlinchey and outlining McAliskey's opinion on the case. (20 Aug 1985), TS letter from Mary McGlinchey, wife of Dominic McGlinchey, outlining the details of the upcoming hearing for her husband's case at Belfast Appeal Court, outlining details of the case and asking of Boyle to attend as an independent observer. (n.d.) TS letter from Boyle to McAliskey, writing from Australia, saying he cannot help from there but advises on contacting Amnesty International to attend the hearing and also to study that case under the European Convention of Human Rights. He continues in personal tone to describe his new book with Tom Hadden to which Mcaliskey "will disagree fundamentally" but that Boyle has maintained consistant views since 1968, he also comments on socialist and class issues in Northern Ireland. (6 Sep 1985) TS letter from Boyle to Mary McGlinchey, thanking her for her letter and stating he has made suggestions to McAliskey. (6 Sep 1986) TS letter from Boyle to McAliskey which is an edited version of the letter he sent to McAliskey on 6 Sept. (9 Sep 1985)
Extent5 items
CodePersonNameDatesParallel forms of name
DS/UK/32Boyle; Kevin (1943-2010); Human Rights activist, barrister, lecturer.1943-2010
DS/UK/35Devlin; Bernadette (1947-); Member of Parliament 1969-1974, Northern Irish Political Activist1947-
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