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DescriptionFile of TS and MS letters between Kevin Boyle and various others, letters are marked 'Personal'. Includes letters from Joan Boyle to Kevin, written from Paris and describing an issue surrounding a film-maker, Dora [ ], who made a film on the conflict in Northern Ireland but which has met a hostile reception and Joan also mentions a cancelled visit from the 'P.M'. (n.d.), TS copy letter from Boyle to Sean Donnellan, Legal Advisor to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Dáil Éireann, Dublin. outlining comments on requesting a copy of Commission report and aspects towards abuse of Article 1 in Northern Ireland, concerning the 'Broadway 3' and 'Cookstown 4' as well as other matters under the Special Powers Act and policing in the North. (6 Jan 1977); Letters between Boyle and the Dublin University Law Journal regarding submitting an article on court procedures in Northern Ireland (Jan - Apr 1977); TS copy letter from Boyle to Fr. Raymond Murray, marked 'Strictly Confidential', discussing a proposed booklet Murray wants to write regarding the case of R. V. Powers and Others. Boyle comments on the tone and audience for the booklet, potential dismissing of the booklet as propaganda and other detailed feedback on the drafting of the booklet. (17 Feb 1977) TS Copy letter from Boyle to Professor Laurie Taylor, Sociology Department, York University, outlining in detail over three pages comments and theories on sociological impact on backgrounds, class, education and attitude of young people, especially men in areas such as the Creggan and Bogside, from Boyle's personal experiences of representing such young people in court. Boyle also outlines some points on why he stepped back his 'front-line' activism work owing to change in methods, use of guns and growing leagl practicitioner commitments. (16 Mar 1977) Letters inviting Boyle to speak on matters relating to Northern Ireland and People's Democracy / N.I.C.R.A. at Universities in Bradford and also Hull (Jan - Mar 1977); Letters between Boyle and Keith Kyle of the BBC, congratulating Kyle on his 'Spotlight' programme on [Northern Ireland] and helping lift censorship issues on Northern Ireland. also mentions Airey Neave and Government policy. (Apr - May 1977) Copy TS letter from Boyle to Fergus Pyle, Editor, the Irish Times, writing in a personal capacity and outlining in detail his opinions on reportage and media comment regarding trials and cases before the courts in Northern Ireland and the Republic and adds comment on the potential that the courts and reporting of same will have in post-conflict reconciliation in Ireland (20 May 1977) File includes various letters from academics and legal professionals congratulating Boyle on his upcoming move to Faculty of Law at University College Galway. Also 'informal' letter of notice from Boyle to vice-Chancellor of Queen's University, Belfast, Dr. Peter Froggatt, of Boyle's move to U.C.G. to become Chair of Law. (July 1977) Official letter from Registrar of the National University of Ireland, confirming Boyle's appointment as Professor of Law at University College Galway as agreed by the Senate of the NUI. (14 Jul 1977) Letter from Peter Taylor, Thames Television, thanking Boyle for his contribution to the programme "Life Behind the Wire" (23 Sep 1977, Item 32) and another letter from Taylor to Boyle on 28 Oct 1977 (item 38) Letter from Boyle to Mr. Sean McBride, S.C., Dublin, inviting McBride to speak as a guest of the Law Faculty at Q.U.B. (11 Oct 1977) Letter from Boyle to Secretary of the Bar Council, Royal Courts of Justice, Belfast, discussing his legal practice in Northern Ieland following his move to Galway. (9 Dec 1977)
Extent1 folder, 61 items
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DS/UK/32Boyle; Kevin (1943-2010); Human Rights activist, barrister, lecturer.1943-2010
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