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Title1969 - 1972
DescriptionFile of MS and TS correspondence, marked personal, between Kevin Boyle and others including Dick McRobert, Kent, U.K. (10 Aug 1970) discussng legal exams and having to work in the U.K. after qualifying, saying "I wonder what the prospects of a Protestant Socialist and supporter of P[eople's] D[emocracy] would be in that most liberal and legal profession in Belfast!; Letters between Boyle and the Dean of Law, Q.U.B, discussing an expressed interest by Boyle in in a period of teaching at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. (Apr - Jun 1971)MS letter from Mrs. A. Laffin, Belfast, seeking legal help from Boyle as a lawyer has taken and not returned a sum of money to her. (26 Apr 1971) TS letters between Kevin Boyle and Ronald W. Houghton of Board of Mediation for Community Disputes, New York. Houghton wrtes to thank Boyle for their recent meeting and calls Boyle "The best mediator I met in Northern Ireland. Anyone who can talk to the Provisionsals and IRA deserves that accolade." Boyle responds in thanks and discusses in detail theories in mediation on the conflictas it is haoppening in the North and how resolution may be reached in the future. Boyle describes the only possible hope for ending the conflict is political means and more civil disodebience. (28 Dec 1971 - 17 Jan 1972) TS letter from Marie Comerford, to Boyle, thanking Boyle for previous letter and advice regarding research on commemoration of the first Dáil of Ireland. (30 Oct 1971); TS letter from Alan [ ] of Faculty of History and Philosophy of Science, at Q.U.B., discussing C.R.A. [N.I.C.R.A.] condemnation of the 'Red Lion' attack and further disucssing recent acts of sectarian hatred and violence in Northern Ireland and wondering about C.R.A. policy regarding a planned civil rights march in Newry the week after 'Bloody Sunday' in Derry and outlines reasons against such a march, even though Boyle might disagree, such as "if your opponants are shrewd, they could make the march backfire on you' and ...'the cause of Irish political 'unity' ....could be damaged if more blood is spilled following the tragedy of Derry and local public opinion could pin the blame on the match organisers.. (n.d c. Jan/Feb 1972); Letter from William [ ] of Faculty of Law, Q.U.B., urging Kevin Boyle and leadership of the C.R.A. to reconsider holding a march in Newry on the week following 'Bloody Sunday' in Derry, " . . . That leaders of marchs have no shame in the responsibility of putting lives at risk. It is predictible in Newry, as it was predictible in Derry, that people might be killed or injured. (NOTE: pages missing 4 Feb 1972); Copy of TS letter from Boyle to the Editor of [ ] praising the various groups in Newry, including the branch of the C.R.A. for oraginising the march in Newry (28 Feb 1972) TS [partial] letter from 'an Amnesty International adoptive group from the Netherlandsexpressing concern regarding policy of internament in Northern Ireland and mentioning the case of Patrick Ch. McGolgan (Mar 1972); MS letter to Kevin Boyle from unnamed individual writing in a strongly abusive way, speaking out against Boyle's media comments about Bloody Sunday. (19 Apr 1972); TS letter from Bernard Weinrub of the New York times, London Bureau, who is writing a piece on Internment in Northern Ireland and is seeking from Boyle names of "interesting people to talk to." (10 Feb [ ] ) Postcard to Boyle from [Obaid H. Ali, a Sudanese student of Boyle's, thanking him for his influence and teaching. (c.1971/2) TS letter from the National University of Ireland, to Boyle, confirming Boyle as an external examiner in Criminology for examination year of 1973. Two MS letters from Bob [ ], writing from Queens, New York, to Kevin Boyle and Eilis [ ], concerning the Civil Rights movement in Northern Ireland and its impact and disucssion in the U.S., mentions in detail the role of Eamonn McCann, Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association,People's Democracy, U.S. understanding of the Northern Irish Civil Rights movement and wider political and social implication in the North and U.S. at the time. (n.d - 2 Jan 1972)
Date1969 - 1972
Extent19 items
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DS/UK/32Boyle; Kevin (1943-2010); Human Rights activist, barrister, lecturer.1943-2010
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