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DescriptionFile of letters between Kevin Boyle and others such as referring to and discussing the case lodged by Dudgeon to the European Commission on Human Rights and against the government of the United Kingdom regarding Homosexual rights in Northern Ireland. File of letters include between Keven Boyle and various such as with Jeff Dudgeon, between Lord Feather, Chairman, Advisory Commission on Human Rights, Northern Ireland Office and the Belfast Gay Liberation society, Students Union, Queen's University (1974), between Kevin Boyle and the 1974 Committee for Homosexual Law Reform in Northern Ireland, Chairman being Jeffrey Dudgeon (1974) One such letter details the decision of this group to take a case alleging denial of human rights in Northern Ireland and asking Kevin Boyle if he would undertake this task. (30 Oct 1975) Also from the 1974 Committee to the Chief Constable, Belfast, outlining cases of abuse by the RUC against members of "Gay Organisations". (4 May 1976) Initial thoughts by Boyle on where such violations of rights are taking place within the constitution. (7 Nov 1975) Letters from the Union for Sexual Freedoms in Ireland, Secretary being Joseph Lecky (11 Nov 1975) Letters between Francis Keenan, co-legal representative with Kevin Boyle on this initial case and application; letters from Hans C. Kruger, Secretary to the European Commission of Human Rights, Strasbourg, concerning various aspects and updates on the case of Dudgeon Vs The United Kingdom; Copies of letters from Paul Crane, Solicitor, discussing the Dudgeon Case (1981-82)
DateMay 1974 -
Extent1 folder, 46 items
CodePersonNameDatesParallel forms of name
DS/UK/32Boyle; Kevin (1943-2010); Human Rights activist, barrister, lecturer.1943-2010
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