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TitleWritings by Democratic Audit
DescriptionFile 1 - Selection of writings by Democratic Audit (D.A.) members and advisors, including Kevin Boyle and others and regarding the framework, policy and work of Democratic Audit. Including 'The Democratic Audit of the United Kigdom' (A Proposal); Paper by Kevin Boyle - "Can you Audit Democracy - the Parallesl with a Financial Audit" at DAFM Seminar, 12 Feb 1992; "Conducting a Democratic Audit"; The Democratic Audit of the United Kimgdom" (Lead-in, Definition, background, constitutional reform etc.); First draft of a leaflet for D.A.sent to Boyle from [Weir]; text of article by Boyle on D.A. for Times Higher Education Supplement (with MS annotation, n.d.); 'Democratic Audit of the United Kingdom - Democratic Indicators'; "Memorandum on Ethnographic Citizenship Study"; "Democratic Audit of the United Kingdom - Key Principles and Indices of Democracy" by David Beetham (n.d); 'A Loose transcript of the workshop on Democratic Criteria" (12 Oct 1991); "Future Citizenship Policy for the U.K."; "Citizenship and Rights in Britain: A Selected Bibliography" by Kevin Boyle.
File 2 - "Guide for Democracy and Human Rights"; "Universalising the Democratic Audit"; "Democracy and Electoral Reform in the UK" by David Beetham; Copy of academic article "Civic Republicans and Liberal Individualists: The Case of Britain" by David Marquand and sent to Boyle by Beetham; "Auditing economic , social and cultural rights in the UK"; "Criteria for a Democratic Audit"; "A Democratic Audit of the UK is a fine Idea But How?" by [Kevin Boyle] with MS annotation from [Beetham]; "the Democratic Audit - a Working Paper" by Francoise Hampson; "Essay paper "Democratic Audit - The Courts and Bodies" and "The Democratic Audit of the United Kingdom - publication list."
Date[1988 - 1995]
FormatPrinted document
Extent2 files
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DS/UK/32Boyle; Kevin (1943-2010); Human Rights activist, barrister, lecturer.1943-2010
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