Person NameMcKenna; Siobhán (1923-1986); Irish stage and screen actress
EpithetIrish stage and screen actress
Parallel forms of nameSiobhán Giollamhuire Nic Cionnaith
T20/1/3/191Press cutting from The Times-Picayune
T20/1/3/194Press cutting from 'The Irish Times'
T20/1/5/2/6/277Hand-written draft list
T20/2/1/11"Máire Rós" by J. M. Barrie, Abbey, 1948
T20/2/1/12/384Letter from Bríd [ ], Dublin
T20/2/2/37"A Cheap Bunch of Nice Flowers", RTE, 1975 RTE production, based on the Edna O’Brien short story, produced
by Shelah Richards.
T20/2/2/45"King Billy", unproduced film, 1984
T20/1/6/6/356Postcard from [Niall] Buggy to Christy [Siobhán McKenna's dog]
T20/1/6/6/354Letter from Niall Buggy to Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/6/357Letter from Niall Buggy to Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/6/358Letter from [Niall] Buggy to Siobhá McKenna
T20/1/6/6/359Letter from Niall Buggy to Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/3/198Press cutting from 'The Galway Advertiser'
T20Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/1/4Other material
T20/1/7Funeral and remembrance
T20/3/4Johnny Hippsley
T20/1/3Press Cuttings
T20/1/4/4"I remember, I remember"
T20/1/4/6Seán Kenny Obituary
T20/1/1/1/1Copy of Birth Certificate
T20/1/1/1/8Address Book
T20/1/1/1/7Executive Diary
T20/1/1/1/6Address Book
T20/1/1/1/5Address Book
T20/1/1/1/4Address Book
T20/1/1/1/3Address book
T20/1/1/2/1/16Notes of conversation
T20/1/1/2/2/19University Notes
T20/1/1/2/1/14Autograph Album
T20/1/1/2/2/31Graduation Photograph
T20/1/1/3/51Passport Photograph
T20/1/1/3/35Bundle of photographs
T20/1/1/3/33Photographic of an unidentified toddler
T20/2/1/10"The Golden Apple" by Lady Gregory, Abbey, 1945
T20/1/1/4/119Booklet of poems
T20/1/1/4/120Copies of poems
T20/1/1/4/124Bundle of blank postcards
T20/1/2/151File of medical prescriptions
T20/1/1/4/110Embroidery piece
T20/1/1/4/114Blank card
T20/1/1/4/118Pocket Map
T20/1/1/4/127Photocopied piece
T20/2/2/46“Angels in the Annexe”, BBC 1984
T20/1/3/205Hand-written draft of poem
T20/1/1/4/116Press cutting
T20/1/1/4/122Photocopy of poem
T20/1/3/204Copy of print
T20/1/1/4/125Sheet music
T20/1/3/163Copy of Vogue
T20/1/2/152aFile relating to medical expenses
T20/1/3/172'Life' magazine on John F Kennedy
T20/1/1/4/134Blank postcard
T20/1/3/164Copy of 'High Fidelity'
T20/1/2/150aFile from Record Companies
T20/1/1/5/135Material relating to Rory
T20/1/3/201Press cutting of poem
T20/1/4/10/235Hand-written draft
T20/1/3/195Report in 'The Irish Times'
T20/1/2/152Envelopes of returned cheques
T20/1/2/142Passport copy
T20/1/2/143Legal papers
T20/1/2/146Letter from Accountant
T20/1/2/147Letter from Doctor
T20/1/2/148File of wage slips
T20/1/2/149Copy of passport
T20/1/2/150File relating to medical expenses
T20/1/3/166Press cutting from 'The Nation'
T20/1/3/167Photocopy of article from 'Comhar'
T20/1/3/171Magazine style publication on Marilyn Monroe.
T20/1/3/177Copy of 'Punch'
T20/1/3/158Copy of The Tatler
T20/1/3/160Copy of Vogue
T20/1/3/161Copy of Bazaar
T20/1/3/162Copy of Bazaar
T20/1/3/165Press cutting
T20/1/4/12/242Hand-written copy of "Badairín Tír Ní"
T20/1/4/11/237Press cuttings
T20/1/4/6/231Press cutting
T20/1/3/173Various press cuttings
T20/1/3/193Photograph from 'The Evening Herald'
T20/1/3/179Copy of prayer booklet
T20/1/3/199Copy of 'Sunday Times Magazine'
T20/1/3/190Press cutting from The Irish Times
T20/1/4/9/234Bundle of typescript links
T20/1/5/2/5/275File of material relating to award
T20/1/3/184Copy of 'The Western Journal'
T20/1/3/185Press cutting of Anthony Burgess article
T20/1/3/186Press cutting of William Roche article
T20/1/3/187Bundle of press cuttings
T20/1/3/203Hand-written poem
T20/1/3/189Copy of 'Cara'
T20/1/3/192Copy of 'Life'
T20/1/5/2/1/270Press cuttings
T20/1/3/196Photograph from 'The Western People'
T20/1/3/202Press cutting of 'The Saturday Column'
T20/1/4/12/239Hand-written draft
T20/1/4/1/213Draft letter
T20/1/4/1/207Draft letter
T20/1/4/1/208Draft letter
T20/1/4/4/226Handwritten draft
T20/1/4/3/224Notes relating to a draft
T20/1/4/1/211Draft letter
T20/1/4/1/212Draft letter
T20/1/4/12/240Writing pad
T20/1/4/1/214Draft letter
T20/1/4/1/215Draft letter
T20/1/4/1/216Draft letter
T20/1/4/1/210Draft letter
T20/1/4/4/225Press cutting
T20/1/4/1/217Part of letter
T20/1/4/1/218Copy of letter
T20/1/4/1/219Quote on Mannix [Flynn]
T20/1/4/1/222aCopy of letter
T20/1/4/1/221Note to Aideen O'Kelly
T20/1/4/1/222Draft letter
T20/1/4/10/236File containing copies of article
T20/1/5/1/6/269Press cutting from 'The Irish Times'
T20/1/4/12/243Scraps of writings
T20/1/4/5/230Number of drafts
T20/1/4/7/232Piece by Siobhán on her time in St. Louis' Convent, Monaghan
T20/1/4/12/241Copy of 'Peter and the Wolf'
T20/1/5/1/5/267Press cutting from 'The Evening Herald'
T20/1/5/2/6/276Copies of programme
T20/1/4/8/233File of writings
T20/1/5/1/2/250Letter from M Ó Flathartaigh
T20/1/5/1/1/245Open letter to 'Hibernia'
T20/1/5/1/1/247Press cutting
T20/1/5/1/2/248Letter from M Ó Flathartaigh
T20/1/5/1/2/249Photograph of Council of State meeting
T20/1/5/1/5/266Hand-written draft of message
T20/1/5/1/2/251Press cutting
T20/1/5/1/2/252Copy of letter from Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/5/1/2/253Letter from Gearóid Mac Gabhann
T20/1/5/1/2/254Press cutting
T20/1/5/1/1/246Letter from Michael Madden
T20/1/5/1/3/254Front page of 'The Irish Press'
T20/1/5/1/5/264Copy of speech
T20/1/5/1/3/256Photograph during Walk of Remembrance
T20/1/5/1/3/257Handwritten draft of speech in support of the Glencree reconciliation centre.
T20/1/5/1/3/255Press cutting from 'The Irish Independent'
T20/1/5/1/4/258File of original transcripts and letters copied above.
T20/1/5/1/5/265Letter from Sally Swing Shelley
T20/1/5/1/4/260File of legal correspondence
T20/1/5/1/4/261Press cutting from [ ]
T20/1/5/1/5/263Article in 'The Sunday Tribune'
T20/1/6/5/347Bundle of letters from Bhudda and Captain Bob to Siobhan McKenna, mainly giving
news of their lives and work.
T20/2/2/47"Juno and the Paycock" by Seán O’Casey, proposed TV
production, 1985
T20/2/2/51/594VHS copy of opening of the Gaeity Theatre.
T20/2/1/52/1/469Press cuttings
T20/2/1/17"As you Like It" by William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon, Mar/Apr 1952.
T20/1/6/1/280Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/279Bundle of telegrams
T20/1/6/3/337Typescript letter from Barney [McGinn], London, to Prof. McKenna
T20/1/6/1/284Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/2/51/587VHS cassette copy of "Philadelphia Here I come" by Brian Friel.
T20/1/5/2/3/272Envelope containing degree
T20/1/6/3/338Typescript letter from Barney [McGinn], London, to Siobhán
T20/1/6/1/303aLetter from Glen Loney, Brooklyn Heights, New York to Siobhán McKenna, commenting that he is working away on their interview.
T20/1/6/1/285Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/286aLetters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/3/339Hand-written letter from Barney [McGinn] to Siobhán
T20/1/6/1/287Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/290File of fan mail for Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/291Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/3/343Copy of letter from Barney [McGinn] to Prof. McKenna
T20/1/6/1/289Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/288Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/3/331Letter from Barney McGinn to Siobhán.
T20/1/6/1/292Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/309Letters received by Siobhán McKenna, including card from Judith Clancy, New York,
to Siobhán McKenna, thanking her for her kindness to her when they met in the
Village when she was a young dancer.
T20/1/6/3/329Letter from Bernard McGinn, Linnit and Dunfee Ltd.
T20/1/6/1/294Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/295Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/296Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/296aLetters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/298Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/300File of letters
T20/1/6/1/301Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/299Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/302Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/311Letters received by Siobhán McKenna, including letter from Sean Ó Beachain,
Coolmine Community School, to Siobhan McKenna asking if she would be available
for the school's prize-giving day?
T20/1/6/2/326Letters from Liam Ó Briain, UC Galway, to Siobhán McKenna.
T20/1/6/1/310Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/304Letters received by Siobhán McKenna, including letter from Treasa [O’Driscoll],
Toronto, to Siobhán McKenna, hoping that Donn has assuaged her worries about
Denis now that she has met him, telling her Bob and herself had been delighted with
her visit and work, writing about Seán Ó Riada and enclosing one of the reviews of
her show (2 Feb 1972).
T20/1/6/1/305Letters received by Siobhán McKenna, including letter from Ann McArney, Ajax
Ontario, to Siobhán McKenna, sayng that she was looking forward to seeing her
perform with the Irish Arts Company, commenting that she had performed in the role
of Maurya in Riders to the Sea in High School (28 Jan 1973).
T20/1/6/1/306Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/307Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/320Letters received by Siobhán McKenna, including letter from Brian Friel, Greencastle, County Donegal, to Siobhán McKenna, commenting that their plans are fairly fluid, and asking if there was any play in particular that she would like to do with them?
T20/2/1/13The Whiteheaded Boy" by Lennox Robinson, Edinburgh, 1951.
T20/1/6/2/325Letters from Liam Ó Briain, Galway to Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/1/12/382Letter from Ian [Priestly-Mitchell]
T20/1/6/6/360Letter from Niall Buggy to Siobhán McKenna.
T20/2/2/51/592VHS PAL copy of Siobhan McKenna on "Generations"
T20/2/1/62/491Hand-written draft
T20/2/1/60"Playboy of the Western World" by J.M. Synge, Olympia, 1977
Produced by the Dublin Festival Company, it was later to tour in
the U.K. and Hong Kong, with Siobhán in the role of the Widow
T20/2/1/58"The Plough and the Stars" by Sean O’Casey, Dublin, 1976
Abbey Theatre production directed by Tomás Mac Anna, starring
Cyril Cusack and Siobhán McKenna among others. It was first
staged in Dublin, and later at various locations in the U.S.A.
Siobhán played the role of Bessie Burgess.
T20/2/1/59"Sons of Oedipus" London, 1977
Sons of Oedipus by Euripides, produced and staged by the
Greenwich Theatre, London from 3 Feb to 5 Mar 1977. Translated
and directed by David Thompson, with Siobhán in the role of
T20/1/6/1/321Letters received by Siobhán McKenna, including letter from Pegeen Liam O'Flaherty, Elm Village, London, to Siobhán McKenna thanking her for attending her father's funeral.
T20/1/6/1/318Letters received by Siobhán McKenna, including letter from Ciarán Nicholson, Secretary of the Irish Theatre Archive, asking Siobhán if she would like to donate any items for an exhibition they are planning in the Spring.
T20/1/6/1/317Letters received by Siobhán McKenna, including letter from Tarlach Ua Raifeartaigh, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, to Siobhán McKenna thanking her on behalf of l'Alliance for opening the exhibition.
T20/1/6/1/316File of letters and notes by Siobhán
T20/1/6/1/315File of correspondence with Trans-Creative Management Ltd., London, agent for Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/314File of VIP letters including Charles Haughey, George Colley, Maeve Hillery and Jack Lynch.
T20/1/6/1/313File of correspondence relating to various PR launches, seeking her as a speaker.
T20/1/6/1/312File of letters from fans seeking autographs
File of press cuttings relating to the Dublin Players production of "The Whiteheaded Boy" by Lennox Robinson.
T20/1/6/1/322Letters received by Siobhán McKenna, including letter from Billy Chappell, London to Siobhán McKenna, saying that he hopes she has a great time working with Maureen Potter and giving his own news, working on a volume of letters of Edward Barras (15 Aug 1985).
T20/1/6/3/333Letter from Barney McGinn, London, to Siobhán.
T20/1/6/3/330Typescript copy of a short-store entitled "The Valentine" by Barney McGinn.
T20/1/6/3/341Typescript letter from Barney [McGinn],, London, to Siobhán
T20/1/6/2/328Postcard from Liam Ó Briain from Rome to Siobhán McKenna in New York.
T20/1/6/2/327Letter from Liam Ó Briain, Coill Iómair, Bóthar na hOllscoille, Gaillimh, to Siobhán.
T20/1/6/3/334Letter from Barney Mcginn to Siobhán.
T20/1/6/1/324Letters received by Siobhán McKenna.
T20/1/6/4/345Letter from Joe Tomelty, Elgin Crescent, London, to Siobhan McKenna
T20/2/1/14/388File of press notices and reviews of "Heloise and Abelard", adapted by James Forsyth,
at the Duke of York theatre London
T20/2/1/12/379Programme for 'An Fear a Tháinig chun Dinnéir'
T20/1/6/3/344Letter from Barney [McGinn], London, to Siobhán arranging for her to come up to
T20/1/6/3/332Letter from Barney McGinn to Siobhán.
T20/1/6/3/340Typescript letter from Barney [McGinn], London, to Siobhán
T20/2/2/51/583Print copy of "Person to Person"
T20/2/1/63/495Press cuttings relating to "The Golden Cradle".
T20/1/6/3/335Letter from Barney McGinn to Siobhán.
T20/1/6/4/346Start of letter from [ ], Elgin Cresent, London to Siobhan McKenna
T20/2/1/12/380Letter from Breandán [ ], Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe
T20/1/6/6/351Bundle of letters and cards from Niall Buggy
T20/1/6/6/352Letter from Niall Buggy to Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/3/336Letter from Barney [McGinn], London, to Siobhán
T20/1/6/3/342Letter from Owen McKenna to Barnie McGinn
T20/1/6/6/353Letter from Niall Buggy to Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/1/34"Play with a Tiger", 1962. An Oscar Lweenstein production at the Comedy Club, London, directed by Ted Kotcheff, with Siobhán in the role of Anna.
T20/1/6/6/355Postcard from Niall Buggy to Pegeen [Siobhán McKenna's dog]
T20/1/6/5/349A hand-written humorous piece entitled “An Irish Mother’s Letter to her Son in
T20/1/6/5/350Note of admiration from Capt Bob.
T20/1/6/5/348Card and note from “Captain Bob” and “Buddha”, L.A., to Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/1/12/381Postcard from Liam Ua Cearbhaill, Dublin to Siobhán Nic Cionnaith.
T20/2/1/12/383Letter from Pádraig [Ó Cearbháill]
T20/2/1/49"A Whistle in the Dark" by Tom Murphy, Long Wharf Theatre, 1968. Opened at the Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven on 9th February, American premiere, directed by Avrin Brown.
T20/2/1/12"San Siubáin", Galway and Dublin, 31 December 1950; 14 January 1951, Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe production, first produced in Galway by Ian Priestly-Mitchell, later moved to Dublin. Translated by Siobhán McKenna.
T20/1/6/6/361Card from Niall Buggy
T20/2/1/10/377Press cutting
T20/2/1/50/460Black and white prints
T20/2/1/74"I Remember I Remember", A Beckett Evening, Nov 1984
Production of one woman show "I remember I remember", based on
the work of Samuel Beckett.
T20/2/1/62/493Fan-mail and good luck cards for Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/1/65"Juno and the Paycock" by Seán O’Casey, Dublin, 1979-1980
T20/2/1/22"The Love of Four Colonels" by Peter Ustinov, Gaiety, October 1953 Staged at the Gaeity Theatre, with Siobhá McKenna in the role of Beauty.
T20/2/2/44/575Black and white photograph
T20/2/1/11/378Copy of programme for Máire Rós
T20/2/1/24"The Chalk Garden" by Enid Bagnold, New York, 1955. Produced at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre, New York, in November 1955, Siobhán McKenna in the role of Miss Madrigal.
T20/2/1/12/386Programme for San Siubhán by George Bernard Shaw, translated by Siobhán McKenna, at the Gaeity theatre.
T20/2/1/12/385Letter from Pat Ó Conaill to Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/1/15"Down by the Heather Glen" by Joseph Tomelty. Later produced at the Belfast Arts Theatre on 11 October 1953.
T20/2/2/26"Doctor Zhivago", 1965
MGM production, written by Boris Pasternak, screenplay by
Robert Bolt, directed by David Lean, with Siobhán in the role of
T20/2/1/16"Macbeth" by William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon, Mar/Apr 1952.
T20/2/1/14"Heloise and Abelard", adapted by James Forsyth, London, 1951
Produced at the Duke of York’s Theatre, starring Siobhán McKenna and
Walter Macken.
T20/2/1/13/387File of press cuttings relating to the Dublin Players production of "The Whiteheaded Boy" by Lennox Robinson.
T20/2/1/65/499Bundle of good luck cards for the production of "Juno and the Paycock"
T20/2/1/18"Coriolanus" by William Shakespeare, 1952. Produced by the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Siobhán playing the role of Virgilia.
T20/2/1/23"St. Joan" by George Bernard Shaw, 1954-6. Produced at the Gate Theatre, Dublin (1954); Arts Theatre London (1954); St. Martin's Theatre, London (1955); Sanders Theatre, Cambridge MA (1956); Phoenix Theatre, New York City (1956). with Siobhán playing the role of St. Joan.
T20/2/1/19"Volpone" by Ben Jonson, Stratford-upon-Avon, July-Nov 1952.
T20/2/1/26"Twelfth Night" by William Shakespeare, Stratford Ont., 1957. A Tyrone Guthrie production as part of the Shakespearean Festival, Stratford, Ontario, with Siobhán in the role of Viola. An audio-recording of the production was later released.
T20/2/1/20"The Playboy of the Western World" by JM Synge, Summer 1953, starring Cyril Cusack, Siobhán McKenna and Walter Macken, produced by Cyril Cusack, and staged at the Gaiety Theatre.
T20/2/1/15/390Note from [Mrs Tomelty] to [Siobhán McKenna]
T20/2/1/16/391Copies of the programme for "Macbeth" at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre,
Stratford-upon-Avon, with Siobhan McKenna as Lady Macduff.
T20/2/1/17/392Programme for "As You Like it" by William Shakespeare
T20/2/1/17/393Press cutting
T20/2/1/17/394Review of "As You Like it" by William Shakespeare
T20/2/1/17/395Notes from various actors in the play to Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/2/51/589Tape of "The Branchy Tree"
T20/2/1/18/396Press cutting
T20/2/1/19/397Programmes and press cutting relating to "Volpone" by Ben Jonson
T20/2/1/20/398Programme for the Cyril Cusack Production of "Playboy of the Western World" by J.M.
T20/2/1/21/399Press cuttings for "Purple Dust" by Seán O'Casey
T20/2/1/21"Purple Dust" by Seán O'Casey, Glasgow, 1953. Staged at the Royal Glasgow Theatre, with Siobhán McKenna in the role of Avril.
T20/2/1/57"A Moon for the Misbegotten" by Eugene O’Neill, 1976
Quest Productions staging of the play at the Olympia Theatre,
Dublin. Siobhán in the role of Josie.
T20/2/1/22/400Press cutting from "The Kilkenny Journal"
T20/2/1/26/415File of programmes and press cuttings for "Twelfth Night" by William Shakespeare
T20/2/1/25"Andocles and the Lion" by George Bernard Shaw, Dublin, July 1956
T20/2/1/31"Playboy of the Western World" by J M Synge, 1960. Staged at St. Martin's Theatre, and Picadilly Theatre, London, directed by Shelah Richards, starring Siobhán McKenna, Donal Donnelly, Eithne Dunne and Brian O'Higgins
T20/2/1/37"Captain Brasshound's Conversion" by George Bernard Shaw, March 1964. Produced by Louis Elliman and Shelah Richards, starring Siobhán McKenna, staged at the Gaiety Theatre for 16 performances.
T20/2/1/23/406Press cuttings
T20/2/1/23/404Programmes and associated material relating to a production of "St. Joan" staged at the
Gate Theatre.
T20/2/1/23/403Programme from an American production of "St. Joan" from Saunders Theatre,
Cambridge, Mass.
T20/2/1/23/401Press cuttings
T20/2/1/23/402Programmes, letters with producers and cast
T20/2/2/51/586Video casette of "The Loves of Cass Maguire"
T20/2/1/24/410Press cuttings
T20/2/1/24/409Programmes, photograph and correspondence
T20/2/1/62/490File of business correspondence
T20/2/1/25/413Two copies of the programme of "Androcles and the Lion" by George Bernard Shaw
T20/2/1/26/414Two copies of programme and press cuttings relating to Tyrone Gurthrie production of "Twelvth Night" by William Shakespeare
T20/2/1/46"The Loves of Cass Maguire" by Brian Friel, 1967
Irish premiere of this play at the Abbey Theatre on 10th April
1967, produced by Tomás Mac Anna, with Siobhán in the role of
Cass Maguire.
T20/2/1/30"Motel" by James Thurber, 1960. Siobhán plays the role of Isobel.
T20/2/1/29"Macbeth" by William Shakespeare, Cambridge Mass., 1959
T20/2/1/64/496Two programmes and six colour photographs
T20/2/1/27"Hamlet" by William Shakespeare, New York, 1957. Experimental production staged in New York, with Siobhán McKenna in the title role, and being the only actor on stage.
T20/2/1/42"The Cavern" by Jean Anouilth, London, Nov/Dec 1965
Directed by Donal McWhinnie at the Strand Theatre, London,
starring Siobhán McKenna, Alec McGovern and Griffith Jones,
with Siobhán in the role of Marie-Therese, the cook.
T20/2/1/29/420Press cuttings
T20/2/1/28/419Producer's report
T20/2/1/44Gaiety Panto, 1966
T20/2/1/45"Playboy of the Western World" by J M Synge, 1967
Staged by The Long Wharf Theatre, directed by Siobhán
McKenna, set design by John Conklin, costumes by Alec
Sutherland, music by Sean O Riada.
T20/2/1/29/422Interview in "Theatre Arts" magazine
T20/2/1/29/421Poem by R Echols
T20/2/1/30/424File of press cuttings
T20/2/1/31/425File of material
T20/2/1/43"Juno and the Paycock" by Seán O’Casey, Dublin, Aug 1966
Produced by Fred O’Donovan at the Gaiety Theatre, Siobhán in
the role of Juno Boyle.
T20/2/1/63"The Golden Cradle" June 1978
Production of five “Abbey” plays at the Greenwich Theatre,
T20/2/1/40Marcel Marceau Show, 1964
Seminal production which introduced the artist and his style to an
English audience.
T20/2/1/38"Daughter over the Water" by M.J. Malloy, Apr 1964
Written in 1958, This was it’s first production, starring Siobhán
T20/2/1/48"The Cherry Orchard" by Chekov, Abbey Production, 1968. Abbey revival, with Siobhán in the role of Ravevskaya, and Cyril Cusack in the role of Gaev.
T20/2/1/36"The River Watchers" 1962
T20/2/1/35"Uncle Vanya" by Anton Chekov, July 1962
Directed by Laurence Olivier, set design by Seán Kenny.
T20/2/1/52/1"Irish Arts Theatre" Toronto productions, 1971 – 1974
Plays staged include "Here are Ladies", "Juno and the Paycock",
and "The Plough and the Stars".
T20/2/1/32"Captain Brassbound's Conversion" by George Bernard Shaw, American Tour, 1961
T20/2/1/66"Shadow of a Gunman"Seán O’Casey, Vienna, 1980
Quest production, staged at the English Theatre, Vienna, starring
Siobhán McKenna and Niall Buggy, and directed by Siobhán
T20/2/1/59/486File of programme and press cuttings
T20/2/1/64"A Meeting by the River" by Christopher Isherwood, New
York, Mar 1979 Produced staged at the Clarence Brown Theatre, University of
Tennessee (24 Feb 1979) and the Palace Theatre, New York (28
Mar 1979).
T20/2/1/59/485File of correspondence
T20/2/1/46/450Hand-written draft
T20/2/1/43/447Bundle of good luck telegrams
T20/2/1/43/446File of programmes and press cuttings
T20/2/1/42/445File of press cuttings and reviews
T20/2/1/42/444Two copies of programme for "The Cavern" by Jean Anouilh
T20/2/1/41/442Fan-mail to Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/1/41/441File of material
T20/2/1/62"Memoir" by John Murrell, 1977
Quest production with Siobhán in the role of Sarah Bernhardt.
Staged at Guelph Festival, Canada and Olympia Theatre, Dublin
in 1977, as well as the Ambassador Theatre, London in 1978.
T20/2/1/40/439File of material
T20/2/1/39/438Programme for "The Plough and the Stars" by Seán O’Casey
T20/2/1/38/437Bundle of receipts
T20/2/1/38/436File of material
T20/2/1/37/435Two copies of programme for production of "Captain Brassbound’s Conversion"
T20/2/1/61"Nuair a bhí mé óg" by Siobhán McKenna, 1977
Proposal for a production in the Taibhdhearc to coincide with it’s
fiftieth anniversary.
T20/2/1/35/433Programme for "Uncle Vanya" by Anton Chekov at the Chichester festival theatre.
T20/2/1/34/432Fan-mail received by Siobhán McKenna associated with the production
T20/2/1/33/430Fan-mail letters to Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/1/33/429Copy of "Ulster Railings"
T20/2/1/33/427Programme of plays for the Dublin Theatre Festival
T20/2/1/32/426Programme for "Captain Brassbound's Conversion" by George Bernard Shaw
T20/2/1/52"Here Are Ladies" , various productions, 1970 onwards
Productions include Playhouse Theatre, Oxford; Criterion
Theatre, London (1970); Gate Theatre, Dublin (1975);
Abbey Theatre, Dublin (1982); Newman Theatre, New
Yoprk (1971, 1973), English Theatre, Vienna (1979);
Australian Tour (1972) including Perth, Adelaide,
Melbourne and Sydney. Adapted for UTV as “The Branchy
T20/2/1/36/434Press cutting of note for "The River Watchers"
T20/2/1/53"Juno and the Paycock" by Seán O’Casey, London, July 1973
Staged in the Mermaid Theatre, London, with Patrick Layde as
Captain Boyle, directed and designed by Sean Kenny. Later staged
in Queen’s University Belfast in November for the theatre festival
T20/2/1/44/448Press cutting from "The Irish Press" containing a review of the panto at the Gaiety.
T20/2/1/42/443Letters relating to the production
T20/2/1/58/482Press material
T20/2/1/56/476Programme for "Fallen Angels"
T20/2/1/56"Fallen Angels" by Noel Coward, 1975
Quest Productions staging of the play at the Dublin Gate Theatre
Summer 1975
T20/2/1/55"The Morgan Yard" by Kevin O’Morrison, Sept 1974
Part of the Dublin Theatre Festival, opened on 30 Sept 1974.
T20/2/1/62/492Hand-written draft
T20/2/1/54"Seoda" Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe, unproduced, 1973
T20/2/1/49/458File of press cuttings
T20/2/1/57/479Programmes, flyer and poster
T20/2/1/47"The Mountains Look Different" by Micheál Mac Liammóir
T20/2/1/50"On a Foggy Day" by John Kerr, June 1969
Starring Margaret Lockwood, Siobhán McKenna, Kenneth
Connor and Sneed Jeffrey at St. Martin’s Theatre
T20/2/1/63/494Programme for "The Golden Cradle", a series of short plays
T20/2/1/51"Best of Friends" James Elward, London, Feb. 1970
First presented in the Strand Theatre, London, directed by
Nigil Patrick, the writer is better known for his 1960s soaps
such as “Dr. Kildare”.
T20/2/1/52/467Letters, mainly fan-mail
T20/2/1/60/488Programmes for "The Playboy of the Western World"
T20/2/2/33"A Mother’s Sorrow", ITV [1960s/70s]
T20/2/2/34"The Branchy Tree", RTE, 1971
T20/2/2/35"Siobhán McKenna’s Ireland", 1972
T20/2/2/42“The Mourning Thief”, BBC Northern Ireland, 1983
T20/2/1/66/502Correspondence associated with the Quest production of "Shadow of a Gunman" by
Seán O’Casey
T20/2/1/46/451Programmes for the Abbey Theatre Irish premiere of "The Loves of Cass Maguire" by Brian Friel
T20/2/1/66/500Production Material
T20/2/1/74/514aInvitation and programme to world premiere
T20/2/1/73/513Press relating to the Abbey production of "Cúirt an Mhean Oiche"
T20/2/1/48/455Copies of programme for "The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekhov
T20/2/2/51/588VHS cassette copy of Siobhan McKenna on Channel 4's "Generation" programme.
T20/2/2/46/577Production material relating to "Angels in the Annexe" for the BBC.
T20/2/1/71"Happy Days" by Samuel Beckett, 1983
This proposal to stage "Happy Days" by Samuel Beckett by Quest
productions never got beyond the planning stage.
T20/2/1/50/459Programmes for "On a Foggy Day" by John Kerr
T20/2/2/51/595VHS copy of "Generations" and "Ireland's Eye"
T20/2/2/51/593Beta-tape video copy of "Lady Gregory".
T20/2/1/52/465File of press cuttings relating to various productions of "Here Are Ladies"
T20/2/1/55/474Programme for "The Morgan Yard"
T20/2/1/53/470Programmes relating to the production of "Juno and the Paycock"
T20/2/1/52/1/468Material relating to the setting up of the production company
T20/2/1/53/471Press cuttings relating to various productions of "Juno and the Paycock"
T20/2/1/52/464Programmes relating to the various productions of "Here Are Ladies"
T20/2/1/56/477Press Cuttings
T20/2/1/55/475File of press cuttings relating to "The Morgan Yard" by Kevin O'Morrison
T20/2/1/52/466File of research material
T20/2/2/25"On Human Bondage", 1964
MGM British Studio production, written by M Somerset
Maugham, directed by Ken Hughes. Siobhán McKenna in the role
of Nora Nesbitt.
T20/2/3/1/661Poetry Reading for Altusa Club, Galway [1970s]
T20/2/2/14"St. Joan", Granada TV, 1958
Granada Television production of St Joan featuring Siobhán
McKenna in the role of Joan, and Kenneth Williams as the
T20/2/1/56/475Material associated with the returns for "Fallen Angels" by Noel Coward and "Here are Ladies"
T20/2/1/57/478File of business correspondence, receipts and box-office returns
T20/2/2/51/590VHS copy of Siobhan McKenna on "Generations" programme from Channel 4.
T20/2/1/65/497Production material for "Juno and the Paycock"
T20/2/1/57/480Press cuttings relating to "Moon for the Misbegotten"
T20/2/1/60/487File of material
T20/2/1/60/489Letter from Milton Goldman, ICM, New York, to Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/1/65/498Press cuttings and reviews of "Juno and the Paycock"
T20/2/1/58/481Programmes and photographs of the Abbey Production of "The Plough and the Stars"
T20/2/2/32"By This I Live", RTE, 1969
T20/2/1/73"Cúirt an Mhean Oíche", Abbey, 1984
Abbey theatre production of "Cúirt an Mhean Oíche" by
Brian Merriman, adapted by Siobhán McKenna. Staged at
the Peacock Theatre from 11 – 27 October, Siobhán also
directed the production.
T20/2/1/66/501Press cuttings relating to the Quest production of "Shadow of a Gunman" by Seán
T20/2/1/78Material for productions not associated with Siobhán
T20/2/1/77"Bailegangaire" by Tom Murphy, Galway and Dublin, 1986 Druid Theatre Company production, with Siobhán in the role of Mammo, staged in Galway from 6 Dec 1985 – 1 Jan 1986, Dormar
Warehouse, London 17 Feb – 15 Mar 1986, Gaiety Theatre,
Dublin, 12 – 24 May 1986.
T20/2/1/76"Arsenic and Old Lace" by Joseph Kesserling, Dublin, 1985
Dublin Theatre Festival production of "Arsenic and Old Lace" by
Joseph Kesserling, starring Siobhán McKenna and Maureen
Potter at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin.
T20/2/1/75"Long Day’s Journey into Night" by Eugene O’Neill,
February 1985 Abbey Theatre production, with Siobhán in the role of Mary
T20/2/2/44"The Last Days of Pompii", BBC, 1983 Columbia Pictures Television production, with Siobhán McKenna
in the role of Fortunata.
T20/2/1/72"Juno and the Paycock", Dublin, 1983
T20/2/1/69"Brittanicus by Racine", 1981
Staged at the Lyric Theatre, London, with Siobhán in the role of
T20/2/1/68"The Life of Galileo", Dublin, 1981
T20/2/1/67"I am for Ireland", New York, 1981
T20/2/1/66B"A Beckett Evening", Mar 1980
T20/2/2/51/584VHS video-tape featuring Patrick Kavanagh
T20/2/1/69/507Programme, flyer and press cutting from The Sunday Telegraph
T20/2/1/76/518Production material relating to "Arsenic and Old Lace"
T20/2/1/77/523Press cuttings
T20/2/1/77/522Programmes from the various productions of "Bailegangaire" by Tom Murphy.
T20/2/2/27"Westminister Abbey", 1967
T20/2/1/73/514Bundle of good luck cards
T20/2/2/29"Picture you upon my knee" by James Elward
T20/2/1/70/509Producion Material
T20/2/2/30"Jumbo’s Wife", by Frank O’Connor, unproduced, 1969
T20/2/1/66B/503Flyer for "A Beckett Evening"
T20/2/2/28"Hotel Torpe", BBC, 1967
BBC production, part of Theatre 625; based on "Hotel Torpe" by
François Billetdoux, translated by Peter Mayer. Siobhán plays the
role of Ursula Maria Torpe.
T20/2/1/69/506File of good luck cards and some correspondence
T20/2/2/31"The Loves of Cass Maguire", by Brian Friel, RTE, 1969
An RTÉ production, directed by Jim Fitzgerald, written by Brian
Friel, teleplay by Adrian Vale. Siobhán in the title role.
T20/2/1/67/504Producion Material
T20/2/1/68/505Programme for the Abbey Theatre production of Bertolt Brecht's, "The Life of Galileo"
T20/2/1/72/511Press cutting from The Evening Herald advertising "Juno and the Paycock"
T20/2/1/76/519Press cuttings for the production of "Arsenic and Old Lace"
T20/2/2/23"The Woman in White" by Wilkie Collins
Dow hour of great mysteries, featuring The Woman in White by
Wilkie Collins, adopted by Frank Ford, directed by Paul Nickell,
Siobhán in the role of Marion Halcombe.
T20/2/2/24"Playboy of the Western World", film, 1962
Four Provinces production of "Playboy of the Western World" by
J.M. Synge, adapted and presented by Brian Desmond Hurst.
Siobhán McKenna features as Pegeen Mike
T20/2/2/21“Report from London”, 1962
T20/2/2/20"The Romanian Songs of the Dead", BBC, 1962
T20/2/2/19"King of Kings", film 1961
MGM/Samuel Bronston Production, directed by Nicholas Ray,
with Siobhán in the role of Mary.
T20/2/2/18"History of the Stage", BBC, 1961
T20/2/2/17"Romeo and Jeanette", Anglia TV, 1960
Siobhán does not appear to have taken this role.
T20/2/2/22/549File of press cuttings
T20/2/2/23/550File of press cuttings
T20/2/2/24/551Press review
T20/2/2/11"Omnibus Programme", American TV, 1956
T20/2/2/25/552Press cuttings
T20/2/2/8"Shadow and Substance" by Paul Vincent Carroll, 1954
T20/2/2/7"The Shadow of the Glen" by J.M. Synge, BBC, 1953
T20/2/2/5"The Demi-Gods" by James Stephens, unproduced, 1951
T20/2/2/4"Irish Beauties", unproduced, [1950s]
T20/2/2/3"The Lost People", 1949
Produced by Gainsborough Pictures, directed by Maurice Bix and
Bernard Knowles, with Siobhán in the role of Marie.
T20/2/2/51Videos. Audio-visual copies of material, mostly featuring Siobhán
McKenna either as narrator or in an acting role.
T20/2/2/15/541aFile of letters
T20/2/2/2"Daughter of Darkness", 1947
Victor Hanberry productions, directed by Lance Comfort, based
on the play They Walk Alone by Max Catto. Siobhán plays the role
of Emma Baudine
T20/2/2/26/554Copy of The Observer magazine
T20/2/2/19/546Press cuttings
T20/2/2/12"The Winslow Boy" by Terrence Rattigan, 1958
Columbia Broadcasting System Production, part of the Dupont
Show of the Month series. Written by Terrence Rattigan, directed
by Alex Segal, Siobhán plays Catherine Winslow.
T20/2/2/19/545Brochure for the MGM film "King of Kings"
T20/2/2/13"What Every Woman Knows", by J.M. Barrie, TV adaptation,
Talent Associates production, part of the Dupont Show of the
Month series. Written by J.M. Barrie, adapted by Jacqueline
Babbin and directed by Robert Mulligan. Siobhán in the role of
T20/2/2/22"The Aspern Papers", BBC Night-play series, 1962
BBC production of The Aspern Papers by Henry James, teleplay by
John O’Toole, Siobhán in the role of Tina.
T20/2/2/16/542Press cuttings
T20/2/2/13/540File of press cuttings
T20/2/2/13/539Two welcome brochures
T20/2/2/12/538File of press cuttings
T20/2/2/12/537Copy letter from Eleanor Kilgallen
T20/2/2/11/536 Press cutting from the Boston Daily Globe
T20/2/2/10/535Press cuttings review
T20/2/2/9/534File of material relating to "Cradle Song"
T20/2/2/8/533Press cuttings
T20/2/2/7/532Press cuttings
T20/2/2/5/530Press cutting from The East London Observer
T20/2/2/3/528Press cutting relating to "The Lost People"
T20/2/2/2/528Press cuttings relating to "Daughter of Darkness"
T20/2/2/1/527Press cuttings from "Hungry Hill"
T20/2/2/30/558Letter from Paul Rotha
T20/2/2/17/543Letter from Stephen McCormack
T20/2/2/18/544 Contract
T20/2/3/1/668Amateur Drama Festival, Athlone, 1983
T20/2/2/32/560Press cutting from the RTE Guide
T20/2/2/31/559Production material and press cuttings
T20/2/2/34/562Press cutting from the RTE Guide
T20/2/2/14/541Contract beween Siobhan McKenna and Granada TV
T20/2/2/26/553File of press cuttings
T20/2/2/48"Eh Joe", film, 1986
A Bórd Scannán na hireann/RTE production, directed and
adapted by Alan Gilsenan, based on the Samuel Beckett play,
starring Tom Hickey and Siobhán McKenna.
T20/2/2/36“The Cuckoo Spit”, RTE, 1974
An RTE production of The Cuckoo Spit by Mary Lavin, starring
Brian Magrath as Fergus, and Siobhán McKenna as Vera. Filmed
at Bective, County Meath and St. Stephen’s Green Dublin.
T20/2/2/48/580Press cuttings reviewing the film "Eh Joe"
T20/2/2/41/572Press cuttings on "The Diary of Brigit Hitler".
T20/2/2/36/565File containing contracts
T20/2/2/33/561Press cutting
T20/2/2/50"The Dead", 1986
Liffey Film production of The Dead, directed by John Huston. It
was proposed that Siobhán McKenna would be in the film at an
early stage, but this did not ultimately happen.
T20/2/2/51/585VHS copy of "Loves of Cass Maguire"
T20/2/2/37/566Press cutting
T20/2/3/1/671Galway Arts Group Award, 1984
T20/2/2/39/568Letter from Joanna Hayward
T20/2/2/40/570Press cuttings from American newspapers on "A Celtic Trilogy"
T20/2/2/42/573Letter from Norah McConnell
T20/2/2/41/571File containing prospectus and press cuttings on "The Journal of Bridget Hitler"
T20/2/2/45/576Letter from Judith Dolan
T20/2/3/1/606"St. Joan of the Stockyards", BBC, 1961
T20/2/3/1/667Zonta, 1983
T20/2/3/1/600Poetry Reading, Boston, 1956
T20/2/3/1/608Argo Records, 1962
T20/2/3/1/670A Traditional Irish Christmas, New York, 1983
T20/2/3/1/597"Deirdre of the Sorrows", by J.M. Synge, BBC Three Radio Programme, 1947
T20/2/3/1/604Possible O'Casey recordings, 1961
T20/2/3/1/605Irish Productions Ltd., 1961
T20/2/3/1/601Press cuttings
T20/2/3/1/610"St. Joan", Radio Corporation of America, 1964
T20/2/3/1/663Gorey Arts Centre, 1981
T20/2/3/1/607"Love Songs of Connacht", Record Supervision Ltd., 1961
T20/2/3/1/662Irish Children's Theatre Awards, 1980
T20/2/3/1/649"A Village Wooing" by M J Mallow, RTE Radio, 1975
T20/2/3/1/659Pearse Commemoration, 1979
T20/2/3/1/660Launch of "Rogha", 1979
T20/2/3/1/658"Amhran na Saoirse", Listowel, June 1979
T20/2/3/1/674Clifden Arts Festival Opening, 1984
T20/2/3/1/656Youth Council of Ireland, launch, 1979
T20/2/3/1/675Waterford Rotary Club, 1984
T20/2/3/1/654Irish Children's Theatre, 1978
T20/2/3/1/653Gorey Arts Festival, 1978
T20/2/3/1/652Abbey Commemoration booklet, 1976
T20/2/3/1/669Friends of Stratford Shakespearean Festival, 1983
T20/2/3/1/648Circasia, 1975
T20/2/3/1/647Personal Choice, RTE Radio, 1975
T20/2/3/1/678Cork Lion's Club [1980s]
T20/2/3/1/645Unidentified, 1973
T20/2/3/1/679Concert in aid of Saint Luke's [1980]
T20/2/3/1/680European Special Olympics, July 1985
T20/2/3/1/641Gaiety Centenary, 1971
T20/2/3/1/665Stonehill College, 1982
T20/2/3/1/627Poetry Reading, Shelbourne Ballroom, [1970]
T20/2/3/1/625"Three Sisters" by Chekov
T20/2/3/1/624I Remember I Remember, RTE Radio [1969]
T20/2/3/1/622"The Chairs", by Ionesco, audio-record, 1967
T20/2/3/1/621A Christmas Carol, 1967
T20/2/3/1/681Society of St. Brendan, Sept 1985
T20/2/3/1/619Modern Irish Verse, reading, 1967
T20/2/3/1/618"Women of the Year Function", London, 1967
T20/2/3/1/617"A Little Bit Irish" 1967
T20/2/3/1/614Yeats recital, Dublin 1966
T20/2/3/1/611Yeats Talk, June 1965
T20/2/3/1/687"Collected Stories of Katherine Porter", 1987
T20/2/3/1/613"Coirm Cheoil na Feile", Gaiety Theatre, 1966
T20/2/3/1/686Irish Encyclopaedia Developement Company
T20/2/3/1/615"The Turfcutter's Daughter" by Patricia Lynch, BBC Sound Recording [1967]
T20/2/3/1/616Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, 1967
T20/2/3/1/623Spoken Arts Records, [1967 on]
T20/2/3/1/643Letter from Nathan Kolodney
T20/2/3/1/644Kansas Rock Concert, 1972
T20/2/3/1/626Shakespearean Reading, Dublin [1960s]
T20/2/3/1/628Letter from Esra H Hisen
T20/2/3/1/639Eire Society, Annual Dinner
T20/2/3/1/655Spoken Arts Records, 1979
T20/2/3/1/677Hamlet Evening, University of Berkley, 1984
T20/2/3/1/683Talk to Northeastern University, Boston, 1985
T20/2/3/1/685Gaiety School of Acting, 1986
T20/2/1/77/520Typescript copy of script inscribed from Tom Murphy to Siobhán McKenna
A44/25/16/1/4Letter from Kadar Asmal to Kevin Boyle
T20/3Family Papers
T20/1/1Personal Material
T20/1/1/1Personal Items
T20/1/1/2/1St. Louis' Convent, Monaghan
T20/1/1/6Biographical Information
T20/3/3Donnacha O'Dea, son
T20/3/2Denis O'Dea, husband
T20/3/1McKenna Family
T20/1/4/1Draft letters from Siobhán
T20/1/4/12Unpublished Pieces
T20/1/4/11Eibhlín Uí Bhriain appreciation
T20/1/4/10Gongy the Market Gardener
T20/1/4/9"I am of Ireland"
T20/1/4/8Pádraig Pearse
T20/1/4/7St. Louis' Convent, Monaghan
T20/1/4/5Forward to 'The Becker Wives' by Mary Lavin, 1971
T20/1/4/3Tuile agus Traghadh
T20/1/4/2"An Irish Fairy-Tale"
T20/1/6/6Niall Buggy
T20/1/6/5Robert O Driscoll, Dublin and Toronto
T20/1/6/4Joseph Tomelty
T20/1/6/3Barney McGinn
T20/1/6/2Liam Ó Briain
T20/1/6/1General correspondence
T20/3/1/1Gretta McKenna, mother
T20/3/1/5Aggie Hanley
T20/3/1/4Nancy McKenna, sister
T20/3/1/3St. Bonaventura, aunt
T20/3/1/2Eoghan McKenna, father
T20/1/5/1/1Northern Ireland
T20/1/5/2/6American University, 1983
T20/1/5/2/5Life Membership RDS, 1983
T20/1/5/2/4Stone Hill College, 1982
T20/1/5/2/3Chesnut Hill College, 1976
T20/1/5/2/2University of Ulster [1971]
T20/1/5/1/6Abortion Referendum, 1983
T20/1/5/1/5Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1979 onwards
T20/1/5/1/4Observer Libel Case, 1981
T20/1/5/1/2Council of State
T20/1/5/1/3Peace Week 1981
T20/1/1/2/1/9Religious card
T20/1/1/3/32Photographic Album
T20/1/1/4/115Bundle of tickets
T20/1/1/4/121Hand-written quote from Seán O'Casey
T20/1/1/4/123Circular letter
T20/1/1/4/126Unused card
T20/1/1/5/136Christy Mahon and Pegeen Mike, Jack Russells
T20/1/1/6/137Material relating to 'Who's Who'
T20/1/1/6/138Copies of biography
T20/1/2/140Draft letter
T20/1/2/152bTranscript list of income
T20/1/3/153'3 minutes that led to fame' a piece on Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/3/154Photocopy of 'Women's Personality Parade'
T20/1/3/155Press cutting 'Hour Long Drama in Clock Bar'
T20/1/3/156Press cutting containing Dylan Thomas poem
T20/1/3/157Press cutting from the Irish Press
T20/1/3/159Copy of Social and Personal
T20/1/3/168Press Cutting from 'New York Times'
T20/1/3/169Press cutting from Irish Newspaper
T20/1/3/170Magazine section of 'New York Herald Tribune'
T20/1/3/174Copy of 'This Week in Ireland'
T20/1/3/176Press cutting from 'The Evening Herald'
T20/1/3/178Press cutting from 'The Evening Press'
T20/1/3/179bPress cutting from 'Evening Echo'
T20/1/3/180Press cutting from 'The Irish Times'
T20/1/3/181Press cutting from 'The Irish Times'
T20/1/3/182Press cutting from 'The Irish Press'
T20/1/3/183Programme of plays for the Circle in the Square theatre
T20/1/3/188Press cuttings by Fintan O'Toole
T20/1/3/197Press cutting from 'The Irish Times'
T20/1/3/200Press cutting from 'The Irish Times'
T20/1/4/1/206Draft letter
T20/1/4/1/209Draft letter
T20/1/4/1/220Draft letter
T20/1/4/2/223Letter from R J Doyle
T20/1/4/5/228Letter from Dudley Frasier
T20/1/4/5/229Letter from Dudley Frasier
T20/1/5/1/1/244Material relating to the Dublin Branch of the Association for Legal Justice
T20/1/5/1/4/259File of evidence
T20/1/5/1/5/268Letter from Kader Asmal
T20/1/6/1/278Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/281Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/282Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/283Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/286Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/293Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/297Letters received by Siobhán McKenna
T20/1/6/1/303Letters received by Siobhán McKenna, including letter from C Keating, Hollis, New York to Siobhán McKenna wondering if she will be performing in Ireland in August when he hopes to be there, Commenting that she was wonderful in 'The Loes of Cass Maguire at the Abbey (24 February 1971).
T20/1/6/1/308Letters received by Siobhán McKenna, including letter from Tom Kilroy, Ballyshrule,
Ballinasloe, County Galway to Siobhan McKenna, agreeing with her views on the
Abbey production of Tea, Sex and Shakespeare , and asking if she, Niall and Fidelma
would be interested in the roles?
T20/1/6/1/319Letters received by Siobhán McKenna, including copy of a flyer for 'Dance of Tour Daddy' by Tom McIntyre at the Peacock Theatre (February 1982).
T20/2/1/14/389Letter from the Rev. J.G. Capolid, Lauriston St., Edinburgh, to Siobhán McKenna
enclosing a cutting on her performance in "Hélöise and Abélard" at the Duke of York’s,
hoping both Denises are well.
T20/2/1/28"The Rope Dancers" by Monton Wishengrad, 1957. The original Broadway production opened in the Cort Theatre, New York on 20th November 1957, ran for 189 performances, and was nominated for Tony Best Play award (New York City) in 1958. Siobhán picked up a Best Actress nomination for her role as Margaret Hyland, which she also played in "Play of the Week" T.V. production, first aired on 14th March 1960.
T20/2/1/41"Laurette" by Stanley Young, Gaiety, 1964
Based on the biography "Laurette" by Marguerite Courtney, the
life story of Irish American actress Miss Laurette Taylor. A
Laurette production, produced by Albert Marre, with Siobhán
playing the role of Laurette.
T20/2/1/39"The Plough and the Stars" by Seán O’Casey, 1964 Opening on 11 Feb 1964, and running for 29 performances, after
receiving special permission from the author to stage the play in
Dublin in preparation for the Shakespeare Centenary production
planned for England.
T20/2/1/33"Saint Joan of the Stockyards" by Bertolt Brecht, 1961; 1964. Produced by Hilton Edwards as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival. Later in an English Stage Company production at the Queen's Theatre, London, directed by Tony Richardson.
T20/2/1/45/449File of letters
T20/2/1/41/440Letters from Stanley Young, New York, to Siobhan McKenna
T20/2/1/34/431Material relating to the production of "Play with a Tiger"
T20/2/1/61/489Copy of letter from Johnny Hippsley
T20/2/1/59/484File of letters, telegrams and cards received by Siobhan McKenna
T20/2/1/58/483Letters of congratulations to Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/1/54/473Letter from Timothy Cribb, Churchill College, Cambridge, to Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/1/53/472Letters received by Siobhán McKenna during the production of "Juno and the Paycock"
T20/2/1/52/463Letters relating to production
T20/2/1/51/462Progamme for "Best of Friends" by James Elward
T20/2/1/51/461Notice for production of "Best of Friends"
T20/2/1/48/457Two postcards from Maria Ruebrl, to Siobhan McKenna
T20/2/1/48/456File of press cuttings relating to the Abbey Theatre production of "The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekov
T20/2/1/47/454Letter from Micheal Mac Liammoir, Dublin Gate Theatre, to Siobhan McKenna
T20/2/1/46/452Letters received by Siobhán McKenna relating to the production of "The Loves of Cass Maguire"
T20/2/1/70"All Joyce" by Siobhán McKenna, 1982
"All Joyce" and variations of it was adapted and staged by Siobhán
McKenna, based on the work of James Joyce. On the occasion of the centenary of his birth it was staged in the Abbey, and toured extensively in the States.
T20/2/1/75/515Correspondence between Johnny Hippsley and various people at the Abbey Theatre
T20/2/1/74/514bPress cuttings from the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald
T20/2/1/73/512Production material relating to the adaptation and direction of "Cúirt an Mhean Oiche"
by Brian Merriman
T20/2/1/71/510Copy letter from John Hippsley, to John Bedding
T20/2/1/78/525Various programmes relating to productions not associated with Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/1/77/524File of letters received by Siobhan McKenna
T20/2/2/16"Don Juan in Hell", American TV, 1960
A NNTA Newark production featuring Hurd Hatfield, Siobhán
McKenna and George C Scott. Written by George Bernard Shaw
and directed by Don Richardson.
T20/2/2/15“Small World” interview 1959
“Small World” was a CBS current affairs programme. Hosted by
Ed R. Murrow the show of 22nd March, 1959, featured on wit,
satire and humour in the theatre. Those involved were Noel
Coward from Jamaica, Siobhán McKenna from Dublin, and
James Thurber from New York’s Algonquin Hotel.
T20/2/2/10"The Letter" by Somerset Maugham, American TV, 1956
A Showcase Productions production, written by Somerset
Maugham, adapted by Joseph Schrank. This is William Wylder’s
directorial debut in television. Siobhán plays the character Leslie
T20/2/2/9"Cradle Song", American television, 1956
A Hallmark Hall of Fame production, adapted by James Costigan
from the play by Maurice Evans, directed by George Schaefer.
Siobhán playing the role of Sister Joanne of the Little Cross.
T20/2/2/6"The Quiet Man", 1951
Produced by Republic Pictures (I) and Argosy Pictures directed by
John Ford, Brian Desmond Hurst appears to have inquired for a
role on Siobhán’s behalf.
T20/2/2/1"Hungry Hill", 1946
T20/2/2/4/529Correspondence with Wendy Crawford
T20/2/2/43"Memed the Hawk", film, 1983
Jadran Films production, directed and screenplay by Peter
Ustinov, based on the novel by Yasar Kemal, Siobhán in the role of
T20/2/2/41"The Diary of Brigit Hitler", BBC, 1981
BBC Playbouse production of The Diary of Brigit Hitler by Beryl
Bainbridge, screenplay and directed by Philip Saville. Siobhán in
the role of Brigit Hitler.
T20/2/2/40"A Celtic Trilogy", American Film, 1981
A Cecropia Films production, looking at Ireland, Wales and
Brittany. Directed by Kathleen Downdy, narrated and starring
Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/2/39“Vicious Circle”, "Tales of the Unexpected", ITV, 1981
Anglia Television production, written by Donald Honig, adapted
by Robin Chapman, and directed by Philip Dudley. Siobhán in the
role of Mrs Grady.
T20/2/2/48/579Production material relating to the filming of "Eh Joe"
T20/2/2/47/578Correspondence with Peter O'Toole
T20/2/2/43/574Letter from Geoff Rice of the British Actors Equity Association to Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/2/40/569File of material relating to the film "A Celtic Trilogy"
T20/2/2/38/567Correspondence, schedule and photographs
T20/2/2/36/564Press cutting
T20/2/2/49"Generations", Channel Four, 1986
A Paulyn Marrinan produced programme, for Channel 4, on the
relationship between eight Irish women and past generations. In
one episode Siobhán talks about becoming an actress.
T20/2/2/51/596Letter from Jack Burns RTE to John Hippsley
T20/2/2/50/582Copy of handwritten notes
T20/2/3/1/599"The Cast", BBC Radio, [1955]
T20/2/3/1/598"A Christmas Carol", RTE, 1954
T20/2/3/1/603Possible Yeats Recital, Sligo, 1960
T20/2/3/1/602Letter from Rosemary Davies
T20/2/3/1/609Talk on "Macbeth", 1964
T20/2/3/1/657International Poetry Forum, 1979
T20/2/3/1/651"The Sons of Oedipus" BBC Radio recording, 1976
T20/2/3/1/650Best of Ireland Show, New York, 1976
T20/2/3/1/642Poetry Reading, Poetry Centre, New York, Feb 1972
T20/2/3/1/640Material relating to Siobhán McKenna
T20/2/3/1/620Queen's University Belfast, Reading, 1967
T20/2/3/1/612"St. Joan", Caedmon Records, 1965
T20/2/3/1/684Glencree Centre for Reconciliation Radio Appeal, 1986
T20/2/3/1/682Talk to the American Theatre Association, Toronto, Sept 1985
T20/2/3/1/676Moyne Community School, County Longford, 1984
T20/2/3/1/672ITGWU Centenary Concert, 1984
T20/2/3/1/666Éamonn DeValera Centenary, 1982
T20/2/3/1/664Stone Arts Theatre, 1981
T20/1/6/1/323Letters received by Siobhán McKenna, including letter from Carry O'Connor, Oxford, to Siobhán McKenna, saying that she liked her performance in the Tom Murphy play.
T20/2/1/77/521File of correspondence
T20/5Audio-Visual Material
T20/5/3Video material
T20/5/4LP records
T20/5/2Audio tape material
T20/5/1/1Audio-Cassette material
T20/5/1/13Audio-Cassette material
T20/5/1/2Audio-Cassette material
T20/5/1/3Audio-Cassette material
T20/5/1/4Audio-Cassette material
T20/5/1/7Audio-Cassette material
T20/5/1/5Audio-Cassette material
T20/5/1/6Audio-Cassette material
T20/5/1/8Audio-Cassette material
T20/5/1/9Audio-Cassette material
T20/5/1/10Audio-Cassette material
T20/5/1/11Audio-Cassette material
T20/5/1/12Audio-Cassette material
T20/2/2/6/531Letter from Seán O’Feeney
T20/2/2/38"The Landlady", ITV, 1978.
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