Do I need to make an appointment?
As some of our holdings are stored off-site, if you wish to consult material for research purposes, arranging an appointment is highly recommended to ensure that we can help you make the most of your visit.

Are all your collections held on the main campus?
Some of our collections are held in our off-site store. Material can be ordered for consultation in our Reading Room and we prefer a week’s notice.

What is a Recently Catalogued Collection?
These are collections which have been catalogued in the last few years and are now available via the online catalogue. Please click on one of the collections to view the catalogue.

Is everything in the Theatre Collection on the online catalogue?
No, the online catalogue is still a work in progress as not all our collections are catalogued yet. If you find a collection on the online catalogue which says it is not yet catalogued, it may still be possible to view it – please contact us to arrange this.

Why can’t I see the material online?
Only a small percentage of the Theatre Collection holdings have been digitised. We are working on making these available via the online catalogue. If you would like digital copies of material in our collection please see our website for more information: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/theatre-collection/services/copying/

How can I get further help with searching for and accessing materials?
Contact theatre-collection@bristol.ac.uk

​Recently catalogued collections​

​A list of some of our recently catalogued collections​.