About the catalogue

The Theatre Collection is one of the world's largest archives of British theatre history and live art and is an accredited museum and an accredited archive service which is open to all.

However, it should be noted that not all our archives are catalogued. This is an ongoing process and records are always being added to the catalogue as they become available.

For uncatalogued archives, you can find useful information in the Collections pages of our website (see Useful Links section on the right hand side bar). These pages will give you more detail about the archives and collections that we hold, whether they are catalogued or not. These are also updated regularly.

Additionally, our library books and journals are catalogued on the main University of Bristol library catalogue, details of which can be found in the Useful Links.

If you have trouble using the catalogue please do feel free to contact the Theatre Collection directly for assistance.

For access to the Theatre Collection holdings or to request more information, please contact us on theatre-collection@bristol.ac.uk or 0117 3315045.

​Recently catalogued collections​

​A list of some of our recently catalogued collections​.